Monday, 6 May 2013

Geometric Rainbow Cupcakes

Oh hey there guys!!! Hope you're having a great start to your week. I have been revising (whoop whoop), I have properly started after who knows how long of procrastination. On that note my posts will be reducing significantly for the next while. I have to spend less time blogging, which bums me out, cause I love it!! But hopefully late June I will be back with "regular" posting, but I won't be disappearing completely (hopefully anyway). I'll also be back with a snazzier blog (I'm hoping if I write it I'll actually do it, computer stuff scares me)!! :)
Since I'm painting less I wanted a nail design that I'd want to keep on for a long time, so of course I go back to geometric patterns and FOOD (I love food ^_^)!!

This might look a tash familiar, as quite recently I did similar design. But I loved that one, so another one can't hurt. Also I think it's rather different.
The geometric design is inspired by the inside cover of Esc (might do a full design inspired by it as it's awesome) by Clara C. I adore her music, I don't know why it took me so freaking long to get her new album. And it's amazing; I have to say the second half of the album is better than the first. My picks from the album are "You've Got It All", "Eventually", "By The Blue" and "Fish", but they are all great.
So I went with that colour scheme, and I wanted to paint another kind of dessert, but I really couldn't think of one, so cupcake had to do (good thing cupcakes are SO cute :3).
I especially like my index finger, to me it kind of looks like a robot. Which I think is funky.
Purple: Barry M - Prickly Pear
Red-y Pink: OPI - Charged Up Cherry
Orange: Essie - Tart Deco
Blue: Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black
White: Lovely Me:Ex - White
Pink: Orly - Basket Case
I have been adoring Prickly Pear, it's gorgeous man. I used 3 coats, but you could probably do with 2. I wanted to use opaque colours as that makes everything so much easier, Charged Up Cherry, Tart Deco, Blueberry Ice Cream and Basket Case all fit the bill.

I have to mention the Color Club topcoat. It came with the set I got from TK Maxx. For one I wasn't sure if it was topcoat or basecoat cause it didn't say!! But I reckoned it was topcoat (still not really sure, but pretty certain).
Topcoats are scary for me as all they do is smudge for me, but the smudging was near non-existent this time (:O). I applied at snail's pace, I'm being serious, I applied it SOOOOO slowly, which probably helped. The topcoat is also really shiny, it has an almost gel-like consistency. Don't accidentally get some in your cuticles as it comes off weirdly and makes your fingers look dry. It's very thick as well, I couldn't get a thin coat.
But the thing that really surprised me was that my manicure was super smooth after. I know that's what topcoat is meant to do, but I find a lot of the time it's still lumpy after, less lumpy than before but lumpy nonetheless. So smooth this was, could've been due to the thick coats but it didn't dry thick. I was just surprised at the shininess and smoothness, topcoats aren't normally that nice to me.

Thank you very much for reading and I hope you have a lovely week!! :)