Friday, 24 May 2013

Combo: Blue Superhero

Hello there dearest nail people (almost called you polish :P)!!! The long week is over!! Oh yeah buddy, it has been a long week. Exams were thick and fast, but the worst is over and exams are almost over (until they start again :/). Anyway to polish!!! I wanted nails that wouldn't distract me, last year I had some multicoloured leopard print (surprised?) which I'll probably do again (it definitely wasn't bad, I just want more multicoloured leopard print :)). So I picked one of my favourites, if not my favourite polish, Nails Inc - Baker Street (2 coats) and topped it with some glitter. The result was pretty great.

I called this blue superhero cause in my head, superhero = red, yellow and blue (a.k.a my favourite colour combination). There's no yellow here but that's why it's a blue superhero.
I added one of my favourite glitter polishes on top, Barry M - Superdrug Xmas LE 2012 (2 coats). The mixture of red, blue, silver and holographic glitter (which makes this special) is really something.
Unfortunately the blue glitter wasn't showing up so great, apparently too similar in colour to the base.
I do have another post showing off the whole beauty of this glitter.
Aw man I love this combo, when you combine 2 awesome polishes, double awesome all the way across the sky is likely to happen.
Unfortunately for me that meant distraction, and a lot of it. I thought "Oh it's just glitter over blue, I'll be fine", the amount of times I would stop and stare and literally say "Ooooo sparkly" was more than I'd like to admit (accompanied by O.o face). Wasn't too disruptive so overall it was ok. But it's a super sweet combo, I loved having it on.

Trying to a show a bit of that great holographic sparkle
I hope you have a lovely weekend and thank you for reading!!! :)