Friday, 31 May 2013

Neon Ikat Diamonds

Hello there wonderful people!! The long week is thankfully over. I'd love to say things are winding down but they are seriously not. This time last year all my exams were over and I was fighting with myself whether to start a blog or not. Now my exams aren't over and my blogaversary is less than a week away :O It completely crept up on me, I thought "Oh it's AGES away". That is no longer the case and May has whizzed past (as the year in general has). I cannot wait til my exams are over, I will be walking with a skip in my step and spontaneously dancing in random bursts at unpredictable moments (and I'm a great dancer :/).
I have been really liking the ikat pattern, and what could be better than combining it with neon. Nothing, cause neon is the best thing ever.

I normally do the triangle ikat shape but I wanted to switch things up and I much prefer the diamonds. They're great! I busted out my 2 neon polishes and of course added accents. Everything I do requires accents but also you don't want to over-neon or the effect won't be as prominent (or something).

My camera was struggling with how bright the neon is, an example of the brightness, is sometimes in school I'd be sitting in class and I'd say "NEON ATTACK!!" and put my nails in someone's face cause that's normal. I edited to make things BRIGHT as they are.
I also want to apologize for my cuticles, I don't know what's been happening as I've been moisturising a lot and they're still messed. Maybe it's stress, but I'm not stressed so I really don't know, also stress doesn't affect the cuticles (at least I don't think so). I genuinely don't know.

I start with the neons. I needed a white base for China Glaze - I'm With The Lifeguard (neon green) as I seem to be the only one with formula issues with this polish. So Models Own - Snow White (such a struggle as we have gone into mega gloopy town with this polish) and Professional Nail Care - French Manicure White Tip (which I don't like as it's just a poor white manicure white with no pigmentation). There were bubbles as nothing would dry but the ikats covered it up so all was ok.
But Snow White was good for the whites of the ikats as it was naturally rougher due to the gloopiness. And the neon pink is Nails Inc - Notting Hill Gate (LOVE), it's neon pink, love is implied.
For the accents the pink is Color Club - Wing Fling and the aqua is Topshop - Green Room. The black is Lovely Me:Ex - Black and occasionally I would fix things with Lovely Me:Ex - White.
The Color Club topcoat smoothed everything out and was generally brilliant.

I love the roughness of the ikat pattern, once again I have been really enjoying it. I like things with a bit of "edge". This has "edge". I hope you all have a lovely weekend and thank you for reading!!! :)

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