Sunday, 23 November 2014

Purple Nails: The Body Shop - A Grape Affair

Hello!! I have a nice polish to show you today, quite recently The Body Shop released their nail polish line, Colour Crush or something and I heard good things and they looked quite nice so here I am showing you this polish today :)

From what I saw all the polishes were cremes, but really nice colours at that. A Grape Affair (punny) is a red-toned medium purple creme and it's totally gorgeous, I was going to give this away but then it was so nice and I wanted to try out The Body Shop's polish.

Recently I've been real obsessed with The Body Shop, I've been getting £10 off every month and it really keeps me going back to there. I kind of really want to get the candy apple body butter thing, cause it smells incredible. Anyway back to the polish, the range of colours were really nice and will surely grow, good price at £5 too. As if I needed more reasons to go to The Body Shop, like I almost like it as much as The Face Shop, and I love that place.

The formula was brill and will keep me going back, 2 coats easy and probably 3 for long nails. The formula was smooth and glided and it was pretty much perfect. The viscosity was also right in the middle, I suppose slightly on the runnier side but overall really really good formula. Like don't hesitate buying Body Shop polish ;)

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!! :) 

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