Monday, 25 November 2013

Yellow Nails: Ciate - Loop The Loop

Hello there lovely one, hope you are well. This is my first ever yellow nails post, I guess yellow just isn't my colour (also it really doesn't suit me). This was a gift from my bezzie (very many thanks to her) with some caviar beads and who knows when those will see the light of day. I know I said I'd be posting less due to exams but I'm actually posting a decent amount, I guess I've got a little bit of myself together (let's not mention the state of revision).

Loop The Loop is just a very nice pale (but not too pale) yellow. I wasn't sure if I'd be a fan (didn't look all that special in the bottle) but surprisingly I am!! It's a very pretty shade I found myself looking and thinking it was lovely which is pretty rare for me and yellows. It's somewhat clean if you get me.
It might become my go-to yellow (which isn't all that prestigious to be honest), as my Barry M (Lemon Ice Cream) is gloopy as anything, w7 (Sheer Lemon) is too pale and requires too many coats and the Rimmel (Sunshine) stains. Also helpful that this Ciate is very aesthetically pleasing.
And just saying that I'm very pleased with my swatch, it looks legit.

I'm not sure how I feel about the brand Ciate, I will very graciously accept the gift and free gifts from magazines but I'm not sure if I'd ever buy any with my own money. None of them really get my attention as personally I don't think they're particularly magical. Also I don't like them taking others ideas then putting an extortionate price on it. But I really like this polish and Ciate's "ethics" don't really bother me all that much.

The formula wasn't perfect (which was a reason I thought it wasn't going to be all that great), the coats are a combination of quite opaque and streaky. Some patches covered and others just not. 3 coats was definitely required, but I don't think anymore would be needed. I used 2 thick coats and 1 thin. The brush of the polish was a bit messed up for me (one of the bristles was sticking out) but it didn't affect anything.
I was totally cynical when applying but honestly for a yellow it's pretty good and I'm just glad it's not gloop city for once and actually applied smoothly.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!! :)


  1. This yellow is so beautiful! But ciate's polishes are quite expensive for the texture and the quantity you get... But it really looks nice... What is ciate's "ethics"? I never heard anything about that??? I'm curious :p

    1. I agree, this is one pretty yellow!! :) And I totally agree about the price and quantity, also for me it's about originality which I don't see much of in Ciate. Haha basically it seems that any new "trend" a blogger creates, Ciate copies it and puts a high price on it (like the caviar beads) so there's many people put off Ciate. But who I am to complain with a pretty polish :P