Friday, 8 November 2013

Gimme Glitter: Hare Polish - The Teen Queen

Hello there you fine folks!! Happy Friday, I'm looking forward to sorting out my work and have my organisation not resemble a shambles :P This is my 2nd ever indie polish and I was totes excite. I'm very picky about my indies but this was sooooooooooooo pretty I had to. Also I really like Hare Polish as a brand, the combos are usually very unusual but simultaneously so beautiful. I got this exactly 10 working days after I ordered, and for an international order I think that's pretty great.

The Teen Queen is very small, small and medium blue matte hexes, medium and largeish baby pink hexes, baby pink squares and a blue shimmer that flashes green sometimes. From The Last Queen of France collection. The mix of glitter is just so pretty and feminine, I'm in love with the bright blue glitter. And the underlying shimmer is gorgeous. I just love matte glitter and this is abundant with it and it has such a sweet feeling to it.

I was trying to get this polish around September time but I was there at the restock 2 hours after and thought "I'll buy it tomorrow". As you can guess it was out of stock tomorrow. 
But October's restock I was there, a couple hours before I had the Hare Polish's etsy up on my screen and the minute the restock happened I was there and 3 minutes later my order was placed. Of course when I checked the next day this was still in stock, but it's better to be safe than having to wait another month. 
My excuse for buying this was doing well in exams and winning a prize at my school's prize day, but really. Did I need an excuse? :P I know some ladies have ninja polish buying skills and I want to become one of these ladies so I don't miss a beautiful polish. 

Formula was fabulous, it was very glitter packed and looky here. No bubbles!!! Who knew the day would ever come. I was debating about which polish to use it over, as I knew light blue would be a lovely base but I also wanted to a try a darker blue so the shimmer would come out. Then ping! I use a gradient (it's really not that complicated myself -_-). I also have this shown over green
I used 2 glitter packed coats (cause glitter packed is my style) over (lightest to darkest) The Face Shop - BL601, Revlon - Dreamer and Barry M - Indigo. Obviously my gradient wasn't so hot, but the focus was the glitter and yes I was very much focused on it. 

Finally a matte picture, doesn't look that different in photos but the shimmer looked even nicer and the glitter looked more prominent (sad that my matte topcoat cracked the mani if you know what I'm talking about -_-). I very much loved having this manicure on, The Teen Queen is one beautiful glitter. 

Thank you very much for reading this post about glitter (a special one at that though) and I hope you have a lovely day!! :)


  1. These are gorgeous! Such a pretty glitter, and a wonderful gradient as usual!

    1. I agree, this glitter is so nice!!! And thank you about my gradient!! :)