Sunday, 25 October 2015

Kanga and Roo Nails

Hey there folks, hope you guys have been good. October's been busy but not as crazy as I thought it would be. Though exams will come up and I will stop being happy lol. Well my school's Autumn concert happened and that was so so nice, also I passed my driving test woo. I am now unleashed onto the roads, we should all be scared hahaha. Today I have Kanga and Roo nails cause I think everyone loves Winnie the Pooh right? It was time to do another one, there's only a few characters I haven't put into nail art yet.

Crazily enough I've never done checkered nails before, I really like the look of them. They were a good pattern for the base and not difficult to do. I'm very happy with Kanga, not so much Roo but it's still good enough for me haha. I've just realised how stupid I am as I type the labels, only now do I realise that when you put Kanga and Roo together it makes kangaroo -_- wow.

I liked when painting the checkered pattern I could be a bit more rough cause I wasn't going for perfectly straight lines with this design. I used the brush of the polish for that then used toothpicks for the teal. Thankfully the brown was opaque to just paint that first (sometimes with a toothpick, sometimes with the brush), then all the details were done with toothpicks. Turns out Roo's face was harder to paint than expected haha.

Brown: Paris Collection - Mauve Melody
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black
Peach: Paris Collection - Brown Beaute
Blue: Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream
Yellow: Ciate - Loop the Loop
Purple: Illamasqua - Jo'Mina
Teal: Essie - Naughty Nautical

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a nice day!! :)

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