Monday, 27 October 2014

Grey Nails: Barry M - Chai

Hello there palios!! Happy Halloween!! You probably can tell I'm too fussed about Halloween, I didn't even attempt to do any nail art. Instead here I have swatches of the 1st grey polish I have ever owned. Exciting times. This is from the Autumn Gelly collection, legitimate exciting times. "Fall" is not my season, as you may be able to tell but I'm pretty much bright all year round. However I really did like the Autumn Gelly collection this year, the colours are perfectly appropriate and genuinely nice. When I saw there was a grey and it was Barry, I knew it was time to get my first grey polish.

Chai is your straight darkish grey creme. And it's fab, not incredibly fab like some other polishes but it's just really nice grey polish. That's all Chai promises to be and it lives up to that and more. My thought is that grey is a boring colour but honestly Chai kind of changes my mind and makes me see differently. Who can deny it's a nice grey polish?

I always get excited about the Gelly collections, always look forward to them. Go look up the other polishes in this collection cause they're really nice like every other jelly polish. Ok I think I'd like Chai more if it had shimmer, but you know straight up no shimmer polishes are needed in the world too. But after looking up Chai, I haven't seen any grey tea so I don't really understand the name.

The formula is perfect. Like a standard Gelly polish, it's perfect. You could totally do 1 coat and it'd be opaque, smooth and it would apply beautifully. I did 2 coats from habit and I got to glide twice.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day!! :)

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