Friday, 3 October 2014

Retro Gladiolus Flower Nail Art

Hi there you!! I wanted to redeem myself for the awful gladiolus flowers I painted a little bit back. They're bad, very bad and I wanted to prove that I can paint flowers cause it seems the opposite the majority of the time. So here's my rendition, it's a bit wacky but I really like it.

The flowers aren't perfect but I really liked them ya'know. The little bonus colours really made all the difference, like the bonus bit of Sugar Apple really heightened the design. I tried to stray from the black outline too. The polka dots were definitely bonus thoughts by the end but I really like them too. This is where the retro comes from.

You know me and my toothpicks. I started with the basic shape of the petals and then did "artsy strokes" from then on. Lots of dabbing and such. The polka dots at the end were moulded around the design with a toothpick.

Base: The Face Shop - GL112
Polka Dots: w7 - Brownie
Yellows: Rimmel - Sunshine, Barry M - Lemon Ice Cream and American Apparel - Neon Yellow
Oranges: Etude House - No. 60, Essie - Fear Or Desire, Rimmel - It's a Scorcher! and Body Collection - Orange Pink (no name)
Greens: Barry M - Kiwi, Illamasqua - Nomad, Max Factor - Cool Jade, Barry M - Sugar Apple, Rimmel - Block Your Green! and Barry M - Guava

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you have a fab day!! :)

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