Sunday, 19 October 2014

Pink Nails: Models Own - Radiant Pink

Hey there!! I'm travelling along as usual, getting stuff done. I don't know if you heard but Models Own released a Diamond Luxe collection (which apparently has real diamond dust in it or whatever, that's not what I care about) and basically all the polishes have a fantastic shimmer and I'm obsessed. I got 2 but more shall enter my life :P

Gurl don't you have enough pink polish?? It's true. I do. But from browsing the collection obviously the pink is going to speak to me (can you guess what other colour I got? It's even more me colour).
Radiant Pink is a borderline neon blue-toned medium pink (but different from my other medium pinks, I can assure you!!) with (this is what makes it special) white shimmery flakes that sparkle real nice and it's really pretty. It's not a crazy sparkle, it's subtle but it goes perfectly. I have been obsessed with shimmer after realising how nicely it can be done with Illamasqua Melange so yeah all the shimmer polishes.

You can see the white flakes better here and they're SO NICE. I think Models Own has been releasing some great polish recently and it's a brand I've really liked for a long time but they seem very consistent throughout their polishes, and when they do something good. It's good.

Pologies for weird lighting, I was trying to get the polish colour accurate. That's also the problem with editing at night :/
I found the formula weird for this one, I don't know if it was me or if I need to use the polish more cause it was quite thick and difficult to control. Not enough to not use it again (come on the polish is lovely) but I could be wrong (it's happened when a polish isn't great the first time it's tried but after its fine). But 3 coats was good for opacity but as usual you could probably do 2. 

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a very pleasant day!! :)

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