Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Blue Nails: Barry M - Indigo

Hey there guys!! How is it October already?? I was starting school yesterday and now a month has past and it's October :/ This post was a long time coming but my bottle was running low and it's difficult to get polish out!! This is also my final reswatch, you couldn't even call my last swatch of this a swatch cause it was so gross in every way and I didn't even write much about it.

Indigo is a lovely dark blue with purple tones (as you'd suspect with a polish called Indigo) which can be demure sometimes but bright other times depending on the lighting. Really pretty colour here, my favourite dark blue and just a great blue in general. I would so use it more if my polish wasn't so deplenished, I used to use this colour a lot when the bottle was fuller.

This is a pretty old Barry M and I got it in 2011, always been quality that Barry M. This polish made it into my 2012 favourites which attests to it's greatness. You know many a Barry has been in my favourite, it's just the best and nobody does it better. I am pumped to check out the new Autumn Gelly collection :)

I just want to say that the brush of this polish is very thin (not all Barry M's just this one) so that's why it's difficult to get polish out.
I was afraid to use this polish but it was so much more opaque than I expected!! I used 2 coats and that was all I needed. Also why the coats took a bit more effort and patience, it was worth it and not even that big of a hassle. So it's acc great, even more so if you have a full bottle!!

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a nice day!! :)

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