Saturday, 11 October 2014

Green Nails: Illamasqua - Melange

Hello guys!! This is the polish. I'm real here and this is just the best. I'm sure you've seen swatches of this beauty cropping up every now and again and from those swatches I decided I need this polish in my life. And I was right. And then some. If you can look at this polish and not fall in love then I don't know anymore.

I'm not a bottle shot gal but I had to
Can you deal? Cause I can't deal. Maybe I'm not very good at dealing. But is this not the most fantastical green polish you've ever seen?? I need this in all the colours.
Melange is a dusty camouflage/asparagus green (I actually like the sound of that) with the most stunning gold and red/copper flakes (those flakes though, they're wonderful). I'm finding it hard not writing in all caps. IT'S JUST BEAUTIFUL!! I think it's been a while since I've really been wowed by a polish, but Melange has changed everything. Everything. :P

Illamasqua, you've done it again. As I always say Illasmasqua is the only high end brand I'm willing to splurge on and this is one of the reasons. Melange is from this year Autumn collection called Once, it's very ethereal and is evocative of fairytales and that. Seriously, go look at the press photos they are so nice. Melange is the only polish to come out with the collection, but that's all the collection needs. I ran out to get it, I infrequently do that. Melange is worth it. There are so many gorgeous Illamasqua polishes, why you cost so much??
I looked up what Melange is and it's a formation of different shapes and types of rocks which may not be the most exciting thing. But I do geography in school and in the physical aspect, we cover rocks (kind of) and that kind of stuff. But I love geography (hence why I do it ;)) and so I have connections with the polish. I'm great at sounding crazy.

The formula is also totally and utterly flawless. I used 2 coats and they applied like a dream, imagine a dream gliding onto your nails. That's what Melange is like. Also when I messed something up, when I reapplied, I only used 1 coat and the opacity was perfect. This is all you'd ever want in a formula of a polish.

Bonus picture because I can

Thank you for reading this wordy post about this extraordinary polish, I hope you have a fantastic day!! :)

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