Sunday, 21 September 2014

Silver Nails: w7 - Silver Mirror

Hey there guys, I did this is my first edition of Silver Nails!! I've never owned a silver polish before. I guess it's not really my colour and it's not really a colour people give cause ya'know it's all about the brights. This isn't even my polish, I stole it from my sister hahahahahahahaha. Don't worry she doesn't mind. Is silver an unloved colour? You decide.

Silver Mirror is as you can guess a silver polish, I reckon it's more a foil than a chrome or anything like that. Not that I know much about foils or chromes or anything. But yeah I like it, it's cool, and it's kind of reflective.

Silver Mirror is a great name, this polish doesn't reflect images (ok I know it's not gonna be a real mirror polish). w7 has always created solid polishes and this is no exception, I've shown a lot of w7 polishes on this here blog and I really don't think I've come across a terrible one in any way. You want a solid silver polish, Silver Mirror is a good place to start.

The formula of foils tend to be very good and yes Silver Mirror does follow that pattern.I used 2 coats and the opacity was there and the formula was easy to work with. A downfall though, is that the tipwear for this is real. This polish wears away so easily, of course some topcoat would fix this but sometimes a girl doesn't always wear topcoat and she doesn't like to see the tips of her nails, hypothetically.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a funky day!! :)

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