Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Pink Nails: OPI - Japanese Rose Garden (Reswatched)

Hey there guys!! Hope you're having a nice day so far. I have a pink polish today if you couldn't tell, which you definitely could. My last swatch of this was just a complete shambles, the lighting was a mess and generally it just looked terrible. But we are mending this today.

I think my mind has kind of changed for this polish. I used to really not like this shade of pink but now I think it's actually quite nice. Japanese Rose Garden is a cool toned pink that's rather dusty in appearance. Dustier than in pictures. I think there might be the tiniest hint of silver shimmer but it's pretty invisible at all times. But it's quite a nice shade, I'm not hatin' :)

This polish is the bomb.com (I never say things like this) for water marbling. It's perfectly opaque and spreadable. Not that I water marble very much, I think I'll have to force myself to do another one (I do 1 a year). You guys know how I feel about OPI (maybe), nice colours, great formulas, pretty much the quintessential nail polish brand. Right?

Like the formula I mentioned for water marbling, it's totally perfect. It's so opaque, I used 2 thin coats but as usual 1 thick coat will do. It's so smooth and the easiest to apply. OPI really really really got the formula right here.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day!! :)


  1. This pink shade looks just beautiful! I think it suits the name of the shade perfectly :) I can tell you I have a polish that I struggled with too, I swatched it when I started blogging but I think it deserves a fair chance. Your photo's came out beautifully and I am totally lemming for this shade after seeing your photo's :) xx

    1. Glad you think so!! The name definitely is perfect for the polish. Yeah I think we all must have shades that eventually change our minds and I'm glad I'm reswatching now ages after I first swatched it. Thanks so much!! I guess that's good hahaha; I'm just happy a swatch of mine can persuade someone!! :D