Sunday, 23 February 2014

White Nails: Barry M - Matt White

Hi there guys!! Ok a post on plain white nails is a bit strange but you know what, I believe that each white creme should have some kind of review attached to it. I've had quite a lot white polish cause of the gloopiness problems I've had, I speak the truth about the white polish. But this is a Barry M, we shouldn't worry too much.

White creme, straight up no frills. There's no hint of other colours or shimmer or anything, this is your plain white creme. But throwing it out there, this polish isn't "matt", don't understand why it was named that way. Apologies for my hand being so red, my lighting was weird and I was cold (who knows if that's related but might as well throw that in).

I trust Barry M, and when I was looking for a new white polish, I was meant to get the Sinful Colors one. But it wasn't in stock :/ So obviously the next choice was Barry M (and Sinful Colors was only the first choice because it was cheap and held 15ml, not gonna lie might do that next white polish). I've had this polish since last June and it's holding up pretty well gloop wise (I bet it's gonna get gloopy now but whatever). I've used up over half of the bottle and it's Barry M, it's pretty good.

I used 2 thick coats, or another option is 3 thin coats. I was a bit sick of 3 coater white polishes so I try to do the 2 thick coats. And there's no bubbling issues or any of the nonsense. It applied well and yes there was the odd streak, but nothing unmanageable. I do think this is a good white polish to have *fingers crossed that this doesn't go gloopy now*, but it's doing a good job of not becoming gloopy currently.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!! :)


  1. Ah, I dare say, white polish gives us nail enthusiast the biggest headache of all! It's almost impossible to obtain a decent one at a lower cost. So reviews on white polishes, are definitely very very super duper appreciated in my book! :) I love a good white! Too bad there's no Barry M here. I haven't quite found the white I like until recently I tried Cyber Colors Eco range, Cyber Snow. Its rather small but two coats opacity!! I know I'd be restocking that one.. oh I'd be keeping a look out at some of Etude House newer range or revamped polishes. Oh.. if there's something about white polishes that seems similar with each other, they have quite a weird scent, no? I find my whites smelling a little weirder (i dare say, liquid corrector pens -_-)... makes me wonder all the time. Hahahaha! *Ahem* Always off-topic, me. Well, hope this would be the white for you! :D

    1. I definitely agree, like I mentioned I have crazy issues with gloopiness with white polishes, it's so annoying -_- And yeah I don't want to spend £10 for a white creme, for that money I want some crazy beautiful colourful polish!! Hehe thanks I just decided I'd write about white polish :P That is a shame, I think Barry M should be everywhere (can you tell it's my favourite brand? :P), I'll be checking out Etude House too just cause I like their polishes. My white polishes seem to smell ok, though that corrector pen thing must be irritating, they stink. I hope it's the white too, I might venture out (like that Sinful Colors) one but if it doesn't work, Barry M is my guy :)