Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Brown Nails: Paris Collection - Mauve Melody

Hi there guys!! Brown nails, this is happening. I now realise how essential a brown polish is in a nail art perspective, it's needed. And I'm glad I have this one, I thought I didn't need it. But I do, but I would never wear it out by itself. I can't do that :P

I didn't think this polish was that shiny but my pictures made it seem that way. Mauve Melody is a medium brown (I'm not good with neutral polish descriptions) with red tones with a subtle purple-y shimmer. I think brown polish on me looks SO WEIRD, like my hands look weird too. Not that I really mind though, I'd never wear this out on it's own.

I don't know much about Paris Collection, at all. I don't see it on other blogs or anything, but it seems like a pretty good brand. I have a couple of polishes from them (they're neutrals which is why they don't see the light of day a lot) and they're good. A while back my friend gave them to me when she was leaving :'( I guess at the time we all didn't realise they weren't my colours, but I still have them in my stash. Yeah I thought I didn't need this one, but I did, and that was bad of me. I was going mental with the de-stashing, and now it seems like my collection has doubled anyway -_- More de-stashing has to be done -_-

The formula is very good on this one, 2 coats and you're sorted, no streaks or anything. The polish is very watery, but nothing unmanageable.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!! :)


  1. Love the smooth finish it has. Never heard of this brand either. But glad your friend got you some! :D Browns, ahh.. they are essential to me as well. I use them a lot! I kinda like the name of this polish. Sounds good! Mauve Melody, even the colour reminds me a lot of Melody's tail! :D

    1. It is really shiny and smooth, always a good thing. I'm glad too, their formulas are good. They are needed for nail art, I realise that now. It's a pretty name and I so see where you're coming from, I think I like this polish better just because of that!! :)