Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Gimme Glitter: Barry M - Fairy Lights

Hi there!! Oh man I've been so busy, I will be trying to get more nail art up but first I have to do more nail art. I've been really pressed for time, so I've got a Gimme Glitter today. I love glitter, hopefully you do too to appreciate these posts. I've said a lot that I really love the Barry M limited editions and this one is no different. I always say I think Superdrug get the better ones and this time I think it was the same deal. I was hunting for this during November and December and when it finally appeared I grabbed. Also the names, so glad there are names now and Fairy Lights is the cutest name!!

Holographic glitter, everything is holographic glitter. Oh my. Fairy Lights is your glitter topper FILLED with small pink holographic glitter. Sometimes simple is better and this is one of those times cause HOLOGRAPHIC GLITTER IS EVERYTHING.

I want Barry M limited editions forever, the Boots holographic glitter one was similar. But not pink, I wanted pink even though because of the holographic glitter they are pretty much identical. Using a darker pink as a base made the glitter stand out more though and in some lighting you could see the pink but it took away the holographic so you'd put it back in the light.

I used 2 coats (1 for thumb), as you know I like having a lot of glitter so 2 coats gave me tons. It spread great and it was beautiful. Oh you holographic glitter.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!!! :)


  1. So pretty! Like a million lights sparkling on your nails! So glad you finally got your hands on this one :)

    1. Hehe love that imagery, I'm glad the determination I had for this polish paid off too, cause holographic glitter ;)