Sunday, 9 February 2014

Gimme Glitter: OPI - Lights Of Emerald City

Hello there wonderful folk!! I mentioned in my post about Barry M Raspberry I wore something on top of it for the production of Grease my school was doing. Yes I know glitter isn't v appropriate but once I finished painting I knew I needed glitter and my best friend gave me this polish and it's so nice that I had to. It's also linked to the fact that I love the musical Wicked and we study some songs from Wicked like "One Short Day" in our music class and we lol.

Perhaps red isn't the best base for this but I still really like it. I do want to find the right base for Lights Of Emerald City though. Those squares are awesome.
Lights Of Emerald City is a glitter topper with medium white squares and smaller opalescent squares. I've mentioned that I hate the opalescent effect but that isn't the case here. It looks awesome, the shift of orange to green is sweet and over different bases you get a more blue hue. The opalescent squares look particularly impressive over a darker colour.
Though the white square glitter has the same issue as the square glitter in Minnie Style as there's an extra hinge on one side and I don't like it. But it can be dealt with.

This came out with the Oz The Great and Powerful Soft Shades collection that came out last year. I remember I wanted this polish the moment I saw the promo pictures. But then I saw the swatches, and while I was still convinced the accessibility to this polish wasn't there and I gave up. But then Christmas and best friend who is incredible gets me this and it's great!! The sheer polishes in the Soft Shades collections are not my thing at all, but awesome glitter polishes I can do.

The base was a little thick and sometimes you wouldn't get that much glitter on the nail. So I came up with a method to get a crap ton of glitter on the nails. Basically I'd load up the brush and put it on a nail (and I mean load it up), but the base would be thick so then I spread the glitter on the other nails too so I'd get max glitter on the brush to the nails without it getting majorly thick. Like I'm proud of how many white squares I got :P
I used 2 glitter packed coats therefore making it a bit thick, but it seemed to not be as thick as it dried. There was a bit of glitter moving but nothing major, the formula isn't perfect but it definitely isn't bad.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!! :)


  1. Woa, what a cool polish! Love the square white glitter :D

    1. Hehe I agree, I love the white square glitter too!! :)