Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Blue Nails: Color Club - Sky High

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Oh looky here, it's now possible to follow my blog on Bloglovin' (at least I think so, I'm such a noob with the internet :/), how exciting! Hi there you fine folks!! Hoping Wednesday is going fine for you, I'm yearning for the end of school, it can't come soon enough. Today I have a blue polish that I obtained recently. It's pretty great, the shade of blue is one of the main reasons I loves it. Also the beautiful duochrome.

This is probably the most colour accurate picture I took, but the others show off the duochrome. This is the most accurate portrayal of the blue, the other pictures make it too foily/dark. Ain't it a great shade?

The duochrome really is something, it wasn't really showing up but it's very prominent in real life (hints are in the picture). My friends were also oohing and aahing with me as the colour shifted from blue to the super pretty purple. In all honesty duochrome isn't really my thing because personally I don't think the colours of those polishes are very nice, but this is a definite exception. Also I have a lot of blue polish, but not a shade like this. Yay!!

I used 2/3 coats for my swatch, 2 is definitely enough but I applied it weirdly so some nails needed 3 coats. Unfortunately I made my coats too thick so bubbles were formed (but you can't really see them in the pictures!!!), thin coats are best for this polish. It builds well and it's so pretty during application. The brush is on the smaller side, I don't care but you might :)
I saw others commenting about staining with this polish but I had none, this time and previous times. With the use of 1/2 coats of base coat I had no staining, but it might stain on you so to be on the safe side you should use 2 coats of base coat.
I got this in a set from TK Maxx (where else really?) and I think it's fantastic. It's from last year's Take Wing collection. I want to have more Color Club's in my life ;)

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!!! :)

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