Thursday, 6 June 2013

My Top 10 Favourite Nail Art Of This Blogging Year :D

Hello there you fantastic, extraordinary, amazing people!!!

Happy blogaversary to me, happy blogaversary to me, happy blogaversary to me, happy blogaversary to ME!! If you couldn't tell, today is my blogaversary. Frankly I find this crazy, it's been a year since I started this blog (also coincidentally my 222nd post). I really didn't know if I'd continue after a month since the internet in general confuses me, but I persisted to find my love of blogging. I'm also proud of my update schedule, I don't post everyday but I personally think I maintain a high amount of posts each month (well not currently due to exams).
This is my little haven where I can write any and everything about nail polish/nail art. It's perfect. In real life, if I was crazy obsessed nail polish girl. 1. Everyone would be creeped out and confused (I know a lot about nail polish) 2. No one would care, which makes me sad :( (not really haha). But here I can go as crazy as I want, mention every little detail and I'm not judged and (maybe) people find it interesting :) Which is the bomb (in a good way).
I may not have the most followers in the world (and that could definitely change in the future, imma still growing and finding ways to grow :)) but anyone who has followed, commented, played ANY part in Plumeria19 has meant SO MUCH to me. The comments I receive are the best things ever, they really make my day and more, e.g. today wasn't my greatest day, it's like these 2 guys were doing everything to try and ruin my day. But I remember my blogaversary and all you lovely people and I completely forget about all that. I am truly thankful for it all. And I promise every time someone follows this blog I do a raving happy dance (rave arms and everything). Every time. I really love the nail blogging community. Come on lovely people who only talk about nail polish/nail art, who can't love that? :)

Look at my first collage, isn't it spiffy? ;)
This time last year I started the 31 day challenge, but unfortunately things are too insane for me to do that right now but instead, in celebration I've decided to compile my favourite nail art of this year (also because I love lists). I know people normally do this at the end of the year, but I wanted to include a year's worth of designs. This blog is primarily freehand nail art, so duh I'll be showcasing my favourite nail art!! :D

10. Pastel Gradient Leopard Print. Because I couldn't not have leopard print in here. I did a legit gradient too (rare occasion), and combined makes number 10.

9. Geometric meets floral. I entered this into a contest (and lost, which I didn't really mind :)), and I found my love of geometric. Combine that with all the colours, it's a wonderful thing.

8. Rainbow Geometric Cupcake. This design basically combines all of my favourite nail art things, food, my favourite colour combination, an awesome glitter and triangles. 'Nuff said really.

7. Tigger. My 2nd ever blog post (so the photography is not so hot) and also my most popular post. The little Tigger is pretty adorable and my mum even approved of it (which is extremely rare).

6. Pop Art Cupid's Arrow. Within the post I explained I was extremely inspired by Professionaldq (who's pop art design I fell in love with), after using her tutorial I did the design again and changed it up, added the heart about to be shot by the arrows (but not that graphic). But this is how I realised I adore pop art (the uniform dots and how in your face it is), so props to her :)

5. Delicate Flowers + Gradient. My best floral nail art to date (in my opinion), the delicacy and the bombin' gradient. Finally my love of flowers being shown through nail art.

4. Ice Cream. I LOVE the colours used. I LOVE ice cream. I LOVE food nail art. I LOVE geometric. So I LOVE this design.

3. Rilakkuma. I didn't know the greatness of this bear. He's too adorable, and having him on my nails was so fun.

2. Paddington Bear. Oh hello another bear, coincidentally I use Baker Street as an accent in my top 2. Paddington Bear is number 2 because I am so happy with how I executed him. Having him as an accent was more than enough as I felt I was precise with his features.

1. Mario!! And here we are, number 1. My main man Mario who can make a mani (unintentional alliteration, love it). I am a massive Nintendo geek and this made me unbelievably cheerful having him on my nails. It's Mario (whom I think I painted well), Mario is awesome (I really have to get round to doing all the other characters).

So that's my favourite nail art of this year, I hope you enjoyed this post as I sure enjoyed writing it. Hopefully this next year will be filled with lots more nail art, new features and general improvement in everything. Thank you so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much for reading this post or any post on Plumeria19 over the past year. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :D Have a brilliant day!!!


  1. Love Paddington Bear! & Delicate Flowers

    1. Thank you!! I put a lot of effort into them :)

  2. Hey hey hey!! Plumeria19 turned 1 yrs old!!! Wohoos!! Happy Blogivesary Dearest! Who have time to be mad with 2 guys when our nails are far more worthy of our attention than them? ;D Hahaha! Wishing you many more blogging years to come! ♥

    1. Thank you thank you thank you!! I love every single comment you've written here, I appreciate it so much. 1 year is insanity, I can't wait to blog more!! Exactly!! Once I remembered it was my blogaversary everything was sunshine and rainbows again, nails are a MUCH better way of spending (wasting :P) time, haha. Aw thank you!!! :D