Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Pick N' Mix: Leopard Dice

Oh hey there you wonderful people!! Hope this week has been going well for you. The weather was absolutely gorgeous last week and BAM today it's taken a turn for the worst. Not like I'd really know since I spend all my time indoors, hmmm thinking about it that's not a good thing. Kids, make sure to spend time outdoors as well as indoors. Um anyway, I have some skittles. Not originally meant to be skittles but I go with the flow. I did some leopard print with the faces of a die (see I don't like that, die is grammatically correct but it sounds so severe).

A white base would've been best, but I'm being for seers my white nail polish is gloop city. It's bad, I'd rather not use it as it's such a monster. I find there's a point in a white polish's life where it will turn into a gloopy monster. Hopefully I'll be getting a new white polish soon, as in my opinion white is essential. But hey it's quite cool, I've had this idea brewing for a while. I wish I had a bit some order in my colours, like an ombre or something. But hey random will do. I think the concept was a somewhat good one.

Starting with the thumb, the purple is Barry M - Prickly Pear with Barry M - Fuchsia for the spots. Index = Base is Max Factor - Cool Jade, where the formula is fantastic. It takes 2 coats, but it's so lovely to apply and becomes opaque so easily. I think girls with shorter nails could definitely do 1 coat. The spots are Essie - Tart Deco.
The base for my middle finger is Illmasqua - Nomad with OPI - Charged Up Cherry for the spots.
Revlon - Blue Lagoon is the base for my ring finger with Barry M - Pink Foil (Xmas LE 2012 B) for spots.
Finally pinky is a base of Barry M - Berry Ice Cream with Essie - Bikini So Teeny for the single spot. Lovely Me:Ex - Black for the details.
I used my 2 favourite purples in this design, and they are completely different (the pictures also show they are completely different). People can say what they want and there is that great meme from Like A Candy Shop. But that's not even the case, THEY ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. And I love them for different reasons, I'm trying to think of a great comparison to show that the mild differences make all the difference. But nothing's coming. I'll get back to you on that one :P

Hey thank you for reading and I really hope you have a great day!! :)

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