Friday, 14 June 2013

Fuchsia + Cobalt Tribal

Hello there you lovely people!! The long week is thankfully over, I was expecting this week to be much worse but it was surprisingly fun. Except today, today was kind of boring but hey you can't have it all ;) Title look familiar? What?? It doesn't?? Said no one ever. This design was very much inspired by Chalkboard Nails, she created this tribal and I was enamoured (I love that word) the moment I saw it on her Instagram (which I stalk like a baws). Seriously, I needed this on my nails the moment I saw it, the colour combination is just amazing. So yeah, I was there and it was happening. Picture spam (of my standard) coming up.

Lol at me trying to be Chalkboard Nails and failing :P
I just love it, the same way I LOVE Chalkboard Nails. Her nail art is SO GOOD, she's so funny and her photography = mind blown, it's so beautiful. I of course chose matte cause it's my preferred finish as matte is the way forward. But I have smooth pictures too.

My neutral base was Nails Inc - Porchester Square. I liked that I had appropriate substitutes for the colours Sarah used. Porchester Square is also my favourite neutral (not really saying much let's be honest), I had 2 rejected polishes for this polishes due to them being too sheer and I didn't want to completely copy. Also unlike everyone else I am not obsessed with My Vampire Is Buff.
For more variation I laterally inverted (ok maybe it's not lateral inversion but it sounds so much cooler) the thumb and ring finger.
My favourite nail is probably my ring finger, I really like the pink base for the tribal. Which was Barry M - Fuchsia which is continuing to grow on me. It's the same colour as my duvet (just so all you know this important piece of information)!!
And the cobalt is Nails Inc - Baker Street, that babe of a polish. It's just gorgeous.
All the polishes were super opaque (which is so handy), 2 coats for the base except I got away with 1 coat for my index finger (which you can't even see). You gals with short nails, 1 coaters all around.
Finally I used my black nail art pen Lovely Me:Ex - Black (when do I not use this pen?) for the details. I knew that my triangles wouldn't have to be perfect cause the pen would cover and fix it all up.

Smooth pictures coming up!! 

Another thing perfect about this design are the triangles. Triangles are the bayest!! When it comes to geometric, triangles are my favourite!!!
I wanted to smooth before mattifying, so I used my Color Club topcoat. Topcoat has always been a risky thing for me, normally I wait a day or two to prevent smudging. Only for the design to smudge anyway. But I waited max. an hour after finishing but that topcoat was so fantabluous there was no smudging and smooth as glass. Color Club topcoat = my favourite topcoat 5ever (oh yeah, 5ever, I went there).
Tiny problem is that since the coats are thick (required for smoothness and not messing up the design) it's easy for pooling in the cuticles, and due to the gel-like consistency sometimes it looks a tash weird, getting rid of it looks... weird (it's hard to explain) and it's quite difficult to remove from the cuticles. Solution = be careful unlike myself.
The problem is Color Club is not sold separately here, so I have to buy them in sets. Therefore to get more topcoat I have to buy many, many more Color Clubs in many, many more sets. What a shame ;)

Thanks to Sarah for her incredible design that I am absolutely loving. And thank YOU very much for reading!!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!! :D

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