Sunday, 30 June 2013

Pre-Summer Haul!!

Hello there your fantabulous people!! Last day of June :'( Everything is going so fast. I hope that at least some of you are on holiday or are just relaxing. Though it is already summer, since I had school I couldn't call it summer. Once my exams were over I went out and bought some polish (cause there's no better way to celebrate!!), I have not bought a lot of polish this year in general due to my no/low buy. Proud my myself ^_^ But exams were over and I went out and fulfilled some items on my wishlist. Yaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!

So this is my cumulative haul, personally I still think I was very controlled. I've already mentioned that I got Clowning Around separately. Otherwise I dove in, in one go. It feels brilliant ;) I do these haul posts because they're so much fun!! I really plan for these post exam trips cause this is where I can go cray.

Ok starting with the Barry M's:
Pink: Superdrug Summer Limited Edition 2013 A
Boots and Superdrug have limited edition summer polishes and I cannot resist the Barry M limited editions!! As proven by the winter limited editions I always have to buy. There was also a deal in Superdrug, spend more than £6 and get one of the limited editions for free, it had to happen. I knew I would be getting the pink one, it's a lovely corally pink shade. ALSO I CAN'T GET OVER HOW CUTE THE LID IS!! Hopefully I will be doing separate posts for all these polishes, I have tried them all and you will know the ones I love. Boots also has a deal going on, buy 1 get one half price but Superdrug is where it's at (it gave me a better excuse to spend more). The other one from Superdrug was a bright green (with a tribal lid!) and in Boots the limited editions are yellow and a darker fuchsia pink.
Green: Greenberry
A great jade turquoise green from the Gelly range (which is very shiny). I love these kinds of colours, I used to consider this colour my perfect colour (as opposed to Robin's egg blue).
Glitter: Ruby
Black and ruby glitter with small black glitter, I thought the concept was awesome. Really liking the black glitter.
White: Matt White
I was hoping to get the Sinful Colors white (cause Boots sell Sinful Colors now!!) cause it's cheap, but it wasn't in stock :/ I am not willing to spend a lot of money on a white and my current white polish is dead. I don't like when my plans fall though so I had to formulate a new plan therefore I got the Barry M white, which I'm liking currently (before it turns into a gloopy mess). By the way it's not matte.
Oh man Barry knows how to sell his M's (ok that didn't make sense), every UK gal must own a million Barry M's because they are SO amazing and well-priced. I um...own 20 (*shuuusssssssssh*), it is my most owned brand.

I have already raved and then raved more about Lush Lacquer - Clowning Around, a multi-coloured neon hex polish which is so beautiful that I lose the ability to even. I'm being serious when I say I screamed when the parcel came. 
Finally we have Illamasqua - Jo'Mina on my wishlist forever as I've been looking for the perfect medium purple creme for the longest time. It's not even looking for it, it was actually getting it. I have previously mentioned that I think Illamasqua is worth the money because of the gorgeous colours and the wonderful formulas. But I will not be another Illamasqua polish for a long time (let's hope), but Jo'Mina is so lovely. I really love colours like that.

I hope you enjoyed this haul post, thanks for reading!!! Have a wonderful day!! :D 

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