Sunday, 13 September 2015

Gimme Glitter: Etude House - #346

Hello!! Today I have another Etude House polish to show you. Man I love glitter so much, I don't care about the difficult removal at all. Glitter is that great. The mix here is so good too.

#346 is a clear base with tons of big matte glitter, theres blue, pink and white hexes, white and yellow circles, pink butterflies, blue moons, yellow and pink stars, blue snowflakes (not shown here) but most importantly huge pink holographic circles. They are fabulous. The mix is like the definition of fun , I love the colours together and big shaped glitter is as fun as it's gonna get.

Just as a side note, the bottles are different and more boring. I liked the cute fancy pink lid but I suppose the plain circle white lid is more practical for storing and easier to see the colours. But when have I been about that life? Not that it matters much haha. Again love what Etude House is doing generally.

I love this combination (Orly Frolic and Rimmel Disco Ball). The glitter definitely sticks out so ample topcoat is definitely needed. After the first application the glitter came out pretty easily, fishing for the bigger pieces wasn't hard either. This is a coat and then some extra glitter so make everything look nicer. An issue I've found with Etude House is that there's too much base and while there's probably a touch too much base otherwise it's very good.

Thank you very much for reading and I hope you have a lovely day!! :) 

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