Friday, 18 September 2015

Who's That Pokémon? Skitty!

Hello there everyone!! I hope you're doing well. School is back in swing but I'm coping (just about haha), applying to university is coming so soon which is insane, what is happening??
Anyway today's nail art brings us back to fun times and my new Pokemon obsession, I'm trying to fill the Pokedex right now and it's quite the task. I've been addicted to wondertrading (I can trade for hours at a time), I guess I just like the possibly of getting something good i.e. I've got 9 shinies from Wondertrade so this is what keeps me going back. I don't think you can get Skitty in Pokemon X but I got one in Wondertrade and it's just ADORABLE!! So that's why I had to paint Skitty.

It's such a cute little pink and yellow cat with that crazy tail. I did not do Skitty justice at all!! She's SO much cuter. But that being said I still like it and I really liked the design. Purple and pink is great and you can never go wrong with glitter (I always say this, you totally can but shhh) and the added flakies work so well.

I painted the white base first and then went colours then black outline. I proportioned wrong, the eyes should be more spaced out. Black outline with a toothpick is hard cause it's hard to get it the same width the whole way round.

Soz a bit blurry
Purple: The Body Shop - A Grape Affair 
Flakies (worked so well): M&S - Light Mix
Pink: Barry M - Dragon Fruit
Yellow: Ciate - Loop the Loop
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black
Red: M&S - Poppy
White: Barry M - Cotton
Glitter: Etude House - #117

Thank you very much for reading and I hope you have a great day!! :)

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