Monday, 7 September 2015

Gimme Glitter: Etude House - #117

Hey there guys!! I have more glitter, it's been quite glittery for a while here and will be for a bit more. Going to Asia means Etude House. I love the Korean brands cause they're doing very interesting things, I got a lot of lip products from there and they're so fabulous. There's this liquid lipstick in the shape of an actual lipstick and it's so cool and amazingly bright. Anyway to the glitter!!

#117 is a clear base with matte pink, white and shiny red heart glitter, small matte white and pink glitter, some slightly bigger pink hexes and some white bar glitter to boot. I think some pink leaked into the base but I don't mind. This polish is actually really really nice, I totally paired it wrong though (Rimmel Bee a Honey was the wrong choice). But will be using it again with better combos cause it's lovely :)

Every year I like the glitter polishes more and more in Etude House, I have another one that I'll be showing son and I like it better than this one. It's what you'd see from an indie and I don't see mainstream brands doing polishes like this. I feel like they're do more interesting stuff than The Face Shop (but I think The Face Shop is better quality).

The glitter spread was really good, there were bubbles but not entirely the polish's fault. It was hot and I'm never patient enough. The glitter density was very good, just have to fish for the hearts a bit but that's what happens with big glitter. This could've been a coat and then a few additional hearts.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a really nice day!! :)

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