Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Purple Nails: Illamasqua - Seance

Hello there guys!! Ahh my first post-exam post, it feels good. I have a bundle of nail art to go up (all done during exams haha, sometimes I got a little bit of free time) then my blogaversary post which I missed this year cause exams and business and stuff. But that will go up in due course too and hopefully won't take too long cause I actually have time. I definitely want it posted in June even though my blogaversary was the 6th. 3 years of blogging. That's quite long.
So I have another TK Maxx Illamasqua steal today, in Seance, the name sounds snazzy even if it means something weird.

Seance is a red-y plummy purple polish with lots of silver shimmer within. It's pretty but the problem is I hate the colour plum, there's a dirtiness to the colour that I really don't like. Except this colour kind of borders in between that I just about like it. I'm very particular about my shades. I'm looking for like the perfect red-y purple that isn't plum, it isn't the easiest task.

We know Illamasqua is my favourite high end brand, the only one I think is worth the money, especially when you get it for less than a 3rd of the price. I think this was in the same collection as Omen (don't quote me on that), it has the same silver shimmer which is really pretty. As long as Illamasqua keeps making amazing unique polishes I will buy them.

Illamasqua formula tends to be perfect and this is part of that lineage. Very opaque and easy to apply, I'm pretty sure this is 2 coats and maybe 3 if you wanted but it's not really needed. Not much else to say on that front. 

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!! :)

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