Saturday, 27 June 2015

3rd Blogaversary!! Top 10 Nail Art!!

Hey there guys!! Time for my 3rd Blogaversary post, late (it was the 6th June) cause I was mid-exam. Though realistically I was probably procrastinating lol. Like I went to McDonalds the day before my exam (the strawberry milkshake was heaven ^_^).
3 years is a long time, but I don't know it doesn't feel that long cause the blog has been something fun I've had on the side. Been much less frequent posting this year but hey a girl gets busy we all know this. And I do this for fun I've had no reason to stress myself out over this. I did my AS Levels which are a pretty big deal and not gonna lie they were really hard which I why I've had to just take things out of my life. I'm so glad they're over and I can think about something else for once. Did all my music exams this week too, and I got a merit in my Grade 8 piano (another reason the blog took the backseat) which is kind of my magnum opus right now.
Another nail art-wise I'm actually super super proud of the nail art I've done this year, while obviously the volume is lower I think the quality is much much much higher and I've done looks that are so so me. All about the colour and the fun and the cuteness and cartoons. I love cartoons haha. Got my 10 favourites which were fun to order and hope you like them too!! :)

My yearly college!! :D
10. Plants vs. Zombies - I just like how accurate the characters are. And they're cute!! I'm still proud of that zombie. I think the whole look works overall, green background like the grass (great observation me :/).

9. Purple roses + cream polka dots + bronze background - This is a very simple look but the combination of the purple and the bronze is gorgeous. Also you just can't go wrong with polka dots, they are too cute. Also for once my roses were on point.

8. Pink glittery base + triangles - I just love triangles. Always been my favourite shape, defo the edgiest shape. The pattern is so uniform and was on such a placed glitter kick, placing glitter is fun. Glittery pink is also super great. It was all just a great combination ;)

7. Kawaii clouds - Look how cute those clouds are. I obsessed with the neon rainbow. And unrelated but I love that blue of the sky.

6. Dolce & Gabbana cherry blossoms - I think I've really got into red this year. This was just the beginning cause those cherry blossoms looked great on top of the red. Some of the best flowers I've ever painted, just so delicate. Cherry blossom designs tend to be really nice too. Love the peaking out glitter too.

5. Stylish bee + pinwheels - While I posted this late I did paint this before my blogaversary. Just v v funky, love the colour scheme and that bee just chillin' in the middle of it. Pinwheels are so style.

4. Marill in the night sky - Became obsessed with Pokémon nails this year. Marill was the beginning, look at how cute it is!! Glitter gradients can only add to my love.

3. Parrot nails - Parrots have been some of my favourite birds for a while (my favourite top ever that I got last year has parrot print) cause they are so colourful and cool. So obviously parrot print nails are gonna speak to me. I love that I actually managed to capture the detail of the parrot and the colours are so fun. The bar glitter works very well here too.

2. Tribal splatter - This is the pinnacle of funkiness and edge. A complete accident as well, but it ended up being one of my favourite designs I've ever done. The contrast of the monochrome and neon can't be beaten and the splats just look good!! Seriously adored this design.

1. Mudkip + dripping chevrons - I just fell in love with this design. Mudkip is such an adorable Pokémon and look how cool dripping chevrons are!! I like how thin they are in this design and drips, I don't know why I think they're so cool but I just do. This design shows how important colour schemes are cause they're the basis to everything, the colour scheme here is just killing it :D

So what do you think of my favourites? I think I've always made it clear I love the bright ;) I had 6 dominant hand favourites and 4 non-dominant favourites. My non-dominant hand isn't doing a bad job!! One of them made number 2!! I'm on track to becoming ambidextrous :P
I think it's been a very good year in nail art. Thank you so very much for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day!! I like to think the nail art can only get better :)


  1. Happy Blogaversary! Three years of blogging is such an achievement, congratulations! You had some awesome art in this compilation. I really love the Plants VS Zombies manicure! xx

    1. Thank you so much!! I suppose it passed without me realising. I think that one was a funky one :)