Thursday, 20 March 2014

Purple Nails: Essie - Lilacism

Hello guys, I got this polish around when my blog started and I've finally got round to giving it a swatch post. I've used it loads but now we be focusing on it. It's a good polish and helped me on my way to loving purple.

Lilacism is your more blue-toned pale purple (ignore the slight pink tone in my pictures). Doesn't suit me but I've never cared about things like that. It's a nice one, my least favourite pale purple but that's only because my other pale purples are boss.

I got this when Essie first came out in Boots and I was so excited, like really excited. I went mental with my non judgemental friend whom I'm glad didn't judge cause haha I go crazy around nail polish. It came out with the Art of Spring collection in Spring 2010 with Tart Deco (excuse my swatch, it's not one of my best), one of my favourite polishes!!!

2 easy peasy coats, no issues whatsoever. There might be mild bubbles in my pictures but it's my fault. The coats could've been slightly too thick. I think Essie formula is generally brilliant. I love the Essie brushes, they fit my nails great. Essie is definitely one of my favourite nail polish brands (I like it better than OPI, and I love OPI :O).

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!! :)


  1. Oooh~! Definitely a love for me as well. I'm so glad I already own a shade like this one in my stash already. Otherwise after seeing your swatch, I'd be agonizing over the fact I may never get one. Hahahaha!! And what nonsense! From my point of view here, this colour suits you perfectly! Haha!! Great year to feature this too, considering its Radiant Orchid year. Hahaha! Oohh, will you be doing a family swatches of pale purples? Would love to see, if you don't mind :) I have a growing thing for pale purples :3

    1. Haha we all need a good pale purple, Lilacism is pretty sweet. Thanks!! I always think it makes me all grey skinned, but perhaps I have a warped view ;) Yeah thanks for your suggestion :) I really should have more comparison posts and I'm so up for a pale purple one, though they'd be mostly Barry Ms and it might take me a while, but I'm defo up for it!! :D