Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Gimme Glitter: w7 - Salt n Pepper

Hello there fine folks!! This is the final Poundworld polish I got, and I do like to save the best to last. I love this one, but this whole time I keep thinking it's "Cookies n Cream", totally acceptable right? Salt n Pepper should be a small black and white glitter topper but whatevs I roll with the punches. And finally I tell this "story" I've been keeping to myself, if anything is taken away from the "story", it should be that I saved cash, cause I did.

Salt n Pepper is a white base with tons of small black glitter. I've said this before many times but I LOVE polishes like this!! I could do with every variation of glitter and base with this polish, yes all of them. All of the polishes like this!! I don't know this polish is just so cute, the combination is just perfect, you can't go wrong with black and white.

Ok so we were before Christmas shopping (yeah I got these a while ago and I'm only posting it now, lol at my lateness) and we hopped on over to Poundworld cause my friend wanted to go. I wasn't very keen cause I always had high expectations for the Pound shops and I never got anything good.
But I saw a bargain bin kind of thing (it was more a bargain tub), stuffed to the brim with random makeup and nail polish. And this was a small tub, you really only had access to the stuff at the top of the tub cause it's not a well-designed tub. But I saw this polish, and I manoeuvred my hand around the tub (taking some stuff out) and grabbed this.
But then I saw Mosaic and Lava Flow and then I got my friends and forced them to hold the contents of the tub (it wasn't a small tub), and I literally took everything out and got them to hold it (I was holding stuff too) or put them in random shelves until I got the polishes.
We did put everything back into the tub, and I expected to pay £3 for the polishes, a brilliant deal in itself but because I got them from the bargain tub I got them all for half price, so £1.50. I was well pleased. What a gal does for cheap (and good) polish.
w7 is a really good and cheap brand in general, but 15ml of good polish, can't argue with that. Oh man I am so dramatic, but it was fun.

The base is really opaque, 2 coats is definitely all that's required. I did 3 for the odd not as covered part, but on the whole it wasn't needed. Each coat was packed with glitter and it went on great, all of these polishes are just wonderful.

Thank you very much for reading my ramblings about random things and I hope you have a lovely day!! :)


  1. Oh, I do agree with you! That's would be an absolutely lovely polish! Maybe something similar with Dance Legend Noise would be what I'd depict as salt and pepper too. Hahaha! This one definitely makes me think of cookies and cream instead! :) Hahaha! Sounds like you shop just like a nail polish addict would! ;D I think I would do that too if there's absolutely something I just needed to get that's somewhat stuck near bottom of the whole bucket. Sounds like you have fun "treasure hunting" ;) Hehe!! I definitely need to add something similar to this in my stash! Cookies and cream always welcome! :D

    1. Yes!! And black and white glitter toppers are beast, and ok I've looked up that polish and it's awesome, I love textures and that one is fab. I think this polish should be renamed to Cookies n cream, must sweeter too!! Haha my friends were reluctant but I didn't give them a choice :P And I wouldn't get brilliant polishes like this if I didn't and it was fun, mostly funny in hindsight ;) Oh yeah definitely, this one is so pretty and anything similar would be so pretty!! :)