Saturday, 8 March 2014

Blue Nails: Rimmel - Azure

Hi there guys!! Happy weekend, after this post I get to go shopping woohoo!! But then I have a crap ton of tests, assessments and homeworks to do over the next week :/ But still shopping I'm mad excited. I'm still swatching stuff from my birthday, this was from my lovely friend who actually gave a brill selection so many thanks to her. I did this swatch a while ago, so I'm really hoping I can remember everything about it.

I love a good blue polish and this one is very nice. If a blue could be jewel toned Azure is what it would look like. It's a very nice shade of glowy medium(?) blue, sorry for no specific colour stated. I don't know what shade of blue I should say. There's also a hint of purple duochrome which isn't completely hidden. It's why I think this polish is very similar to Color Club Sky High (but sorry Azure, Sky High is more beautiful, come on it's a glass fleck). It's slightly more frosty in real life, the brushstrokes were more prominent but it's not polish breaking.

Yes so I'm a Rimmel convert, I hope to go out and get some more cause their formulas are good and I think the colours are even better with a good price. A girl can't ask for much more ;)

I used 2 coats which were naturally quite thick. It was easy to apply too. I thought it dried fast but then I accidentally touched my nail after quite a while and dent was apparent. So I don't know, there was some bubbling on my ring fingernail but again that could've been my fault for too thick coats but otherwise good formula.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!! :)


  1. Such an intense vivid shimmer blue shade! And it look so good with your skintone! Blues like this usually look very weird with my tan-olive-like skin ahhaahahaha! (not that i mind too much though :P) Ohh and this blue looks like a great base for nail art too!

    1. Agrees!! Thank you, it's a good thing blue is my favourite colour too, my skin tone is probably similar based on your description but I'm probably paler. I'm always looking for good bases, the formula is good so it's a good one for nail art :)