Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Pick 'N' Mix: Going mawd on the town

Hey there guys. This post is going to be a lil' different. Yes I still have skittles as the title suggests but "going mawd" on the town happened. And ok for the first time ever I went to town with no nail polish on (I was really busy), so I was able to use the testers. So I tried various polishes, so some of the polishes shown here are not owned by me (though I kind of wish they were, I didn't end up buying all them). So this post might be a bit less detailed, and a little more fun. I did go a bit "mawd" (<-- this is strange slang I use for bant, tis weird I know).

I looooovvvvvvvve this selection of nail polish, and while some didn't go home with me. Others did, yeah budday. I'll highlight the ones I own, expect posts about them.
I'm in love with the combo on my thumb, Topshop - Pipe Dream with Claire's - Fluffy. Pipe Dream is a seafoam blue/green with a golden flake kind of shimmer with iridescent glitter and it's gorgeous. Topshop has done a bunch of polishes with the golden flake shimmer and iridescent glitter in different colours and I'm very tempted. I have a beautiful white glitter nail polish, I LOVE white glitter, definitely one of my favourites and Claire's have upped their game like nobody's business and I'm so impressed. Bad for me though cause I need all their polishes. The moment I saw the white glitter online I knew I was done. I <3 the big hexes. It was perfect as well because I only got to do 2 coats of Pipe Dream and it was NOT enough, but Fluffy masked the lack of coats. 3 coats probably would've been enough, it built well.

On my index I have Topshop - Carnival. A really pretty light orange. 2 coats.
On my middle fingernail there's Topshop - Wide Awake. Another pretty light orange but with peachy tones and I loved it. I'm looking for a Chanel June/China Glaze/Sun Of A Peach kind of colour (the Chanel is NEVER happening) or some kind of dupe. I haven't found it yet. Wide Awake was 1 coat!! The formula was brill. And it goes without saying but Topshop makes some good polish. I need more Topshop polish in my life.
Haha bonus story!! When using the Topshop polish there's no tables so I crouched on the floor and used a bin as a table while people looked at me haha. How else was I going to do 2 coats? :P I really have no shame.

On my ring there's Essie - Lots Of Lux. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL BABY!! I told myself I didn't need it, but when I saw it in real life I couldn't say no. From first polish it was love. The multicoloured shimmer (which I definitely will be going in depth in) was so mesmerising. And 1 coat. YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT ONE COAT o.O
And finally on my pinky I have H&M - Blue My Mind. My friends went to H&M and obviously you can't leave me with nail polish for too long and it was in the sale section so it was £1. No mistakes could be made for a colour like that. It's a light cobalt blue and I love it. It was 2 slightly runny coats.

Well I ramble, but I hope you liked the lil' stories, if you didn't read them, you should!! Find out about my lack of shame, really there's no shame for me. Haha thank you for "reading" and I hope you have a nice day!!! :)


  1. Hahahaha!! Well, topshop at my area tend to arrange nail polishes at the lowest shelves. Even just to see colours I'd have to squat. I use my knees as my "table" though :D So nahhh you're not weird! I bet many did what you did too! Or!! You could have spark ideas for them instead :P Hahaha!! Anyway, I think I've seen that shade too, Topshop Pipe Down. If not, I must have seen a similar one. Love that shade! Definitely one I tend to buy on the spot, but considering the amount of mint shades I have... self control is a must! :P And... Essie Lots of Lux is toooooo GORgeous! Just seeing your quick swatch here makes me wanna buy it right away! I shall be putting that into my wish list ;) Hahaha!! Thanks for sharing your experiences here, I really enjoy reading them ^.^

    1. That's the same with the Topshop I went to, actually it was a variety of shelves but it was most convenient for me :P Haha nail polish addicts unite, but really they should have some sort of table. Definitely agree on the self control thing I was so close to buying Pipe Dream cause it's so gorgeous, but the only thing stopping me was my friends saying they wanted to have lunch, who knows the damage that could've been done!! ;) Hehe yes Lots of Lux is brilliant, I did a full review too so you can really know all the pros of the polish :) Awk thank you, it makes me happy knowing you like reading them (or else I'd just be that crazy nail polish person :P)!! :)