Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Coral Nails: OPI Liquid Sand - Jinx

Hello lovelies!! How are you? I'm hoping well. I have another new polish today, I said the summer makes me crazy. But I've been good all year :/ This was a gift from my lovely aunt so many thanks to her. I am very excited about this post. This is my first experience with textured polish, this year's big trend. I've really only been interested in OPI's Liquid Sands, this one and another one (which you will see soon, it's sooooooooo sparkly). After this post I think it will be pretty clear where I stand with textured polish. Anyway to the pictures (I have a lot today)!!

 Jinx is from OPI's Bond Girl collection (it seems I'm a bit of an OPI fangirl), I find this polish has 2 "phases" more red or more orange. Jinx is a orangey red kind of coral with a strong golden shimmer polish. When the light is shining directly the polish is more shimmery and orange, in more shady areas the polish is more red-toned and less shimmery (but still shimmery).
I used 2 super easy coats, 1 coat was really opaque. The pro-wide brush made application even easier (but the shape of the brush meant I couldn't paint closer to my cuticles, rounder cuticles beware?). The texture happened pretty quickly and though it takes slightly longer to dry properly I find that the manicure lasts longer (5 days currently and only a tiny bit of tip wear)

The golden shimmer really is something, in every lighting it is very apparent. From the first brushstroke I knew this was the start of something beautiful. It was SO SPARKLY, like I couldn't even describe. My mouth was :O due to the sparkle. If there's one thing you get from this post JINX IS A SPARKLY BEAUTY PICTURES CANNOT CAPTURE THE SPARKLE OMG SPARKLE SPARKLE SPARKLE. The whole day I stare and move my hand around for sparkle. It was another "can't even" moment. My next pictures will give you an idea of the sparkle.

Sorry for slight blur, bathroom was the place for direct light apparently
These are clearly more orange-toned pictures but in real life it's still slightly more red. THE SPARKLE! Trust me it was even more sparkly and I'm in love. 
Also I'm really liking the texture, it's not very rough at all, think a rough glitter and that's really it. I'm one of those people who enjoys feeling the texture. So I'm liking the sparkly textures (if you couldn't tell), I don't think I'll buy any of the creme textures though. They kind of look like lumpy nail polish, I could like it but I won't be finding out anytime soon.
I've always been on board with textures, I'm use to not smooth manicures due to my topcoat abandonment (which is over now since I found the perfect topcoat). I haven't topcoated Jinx cause I want to enjoy the texture (which I am) but I will eventually. Now I'm even more on board with textures considering how amazing Jinx is. I also really like the colour and think it somewhat suits me nicely.

Blurry picture to try and show the sparkle, not even close to how sparkly it is
If you're on the pro side of texture but are still wary, I urge you to go. I expected to like texture, but after trying I'M IN LOVE. I guess it's only glittery textures but yes I love glittery textures!! I was wary cause I thought I wouldn't like them that much and regrets would come but there is no such thing as regret now. But if you don't like texture you won't like these, simple. I'm not sure how to texture would work for nail art but I will definitely be trying.
Thank you very much for reading this rambly post but boy I am so glad textures are a thing this year. Have a great day!! :D

P.S. I know I wrote sparkle/sparkly a lot


  1. This nail polish is gorgeous! But O.P.I polishes are too expensive in France (14 euros, why??? :'( ) Well, anyway, it looks really awesome.

    1. Yes, so gorgeous!! I know, OPI seems to be getting more expensive everywhere, I find its slightly cheaper abroad than in the uk (and I've been making the most of that haha). Hey, thank you for your comment! :)

  2. Jinx.. I have to admit, I never bothered about this shade when I first saw them online. But I had the opportunity to view the swatches in person.. and I went "Oh, no wonder there's so many that like this colour!" - It's so much more prettier in person than on pictures! That I can testify! Although it's really pretty, too bad it isn't the colour for me. Very CNY-ish though! Hahaha!! I've got my first texture bottle from China Glaze hahahaha! Haven't tried on OPI's one. However, I think I have decided on getting Vesper, Honey Ryder...currently looking at Alcatraz...Rocks and Wharf!Wharf!Wharf!. (I am hoping to get them at cheaper prices, OPIs here are very talented at denting the pocket).

    Wish Zoya was more accessible here. I'd definitely dive for Liberty and Stevie, but Liberty first. Love that colour! hahahaha!!

    1. Jinx was the only textured polish I was interested in, I was smitten from swatches and once I got it in real life I was done. I totally agree its so much better in real life. I get how it's not everyone's colour too, but personally I love it (if you didn't get that from the post :P), it would be SO perfect for CNY (ideas already brewing, thank you ;)). The china glazes textures are the more creme ones and I'm not sure how I feel them. I think Alcatraz...rocks looks awesome, but I think I'll only invest in more liquid sand when there's super bright sparkly colours as they're kind of my thing and otherwise my money will quickly deplete haha. The other opis you mentioned will probably suit you really well :) I completely agree with you about Zoya, every time I see a pixie dust swatch (or many a Zoya swatch) I wish I had access, sparkly goodness, can't go wrong with that. Liberty looks so amazing, I thought Chyna looks so good too, I'm not even a red gal but the depth to that polish...*swoons*. Thank you very much for your comment, it's interesting knowing other people's textured picks! :)