Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Candy Pizza Nail Art

Oh hey there guys!! Hope you are all doing well. Sorry for the big gap from the previous post to the one before that, I'm not going to be able to edit posts/pictures for the next week so I've been trying to prepare some posts. Today I have some nail art today, food nail art at that. This is a weird one though, I've had this idea brewing for a while but decided against it, then decided for it. So today I present candy pizza...

I have never had candy pizza before and I don't know if it's a thing. On another note if I saw candy pizza on the dessert menu I would order it up without a second thought. It's an interesting concept.
The only candy pizza I know of, is the mode in Club Penguin when I used to play. My cousin told me about the switch under the pizza machine that changed the pizza from regular to candy. I was a beast at that game, in regular mode I could complete it with the highest combo therefore getting the most money from it haha. The candy mode was much harder though, it was faster.
I like the little faces on the crust (i.e. my favourite part of a pizza, Pizza Hut crust is the best) and the piece of pizza on my thumb is my favourite (the neon glitter, nuff said). The design didn't really pan out (ah unintentional pun!!) the way I wanted it to, I don't know what it is. Design looks better in photos though and I'll take it.

Dark Pink: Color Club - Wing Fling
Blue/Green: Barry M - Greenberry
White: Barry M - Matt White and Lovely Me:Ex - White (for details)
Neon glitter: Lush Lacquer - Clowning Around
Still can't even (sorry for the abuse of this phrase), I love the mix of glitter on my nails. I fished for the big pink hex on my ring finger cause nothing is complete with a big pink hex. Does require a couple of coats of topcoat but I can deal with that as it is very much worth it.
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black
Even though it doesn't look like it, the black hearts did help a lot. Gave a bit more togetherness.
Pink: Orly - Basket Case
Brown: Ciate - Cookies And Cream
I got this free in a magazine with some caviar beads (clearly the only reason why I bought the magazine). I'll have to try this out on it's own but currently Nails Inc Porchester Square is far superior.
Orange: Essie - Fear Or Desire
Blue: Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream
Mint Green: Max Factor - Cool Jade
Purple: Illamasqua - Jo'Mina (over Essie - Lilacism, I changed my mind)
Sealed with the Color Club topcoat. With no smudging (and Lovely Me:Ex - White is a smudging beast), this is a miracle topcoat.

Is candy pizza a thing? If you know please tell me as it does sound really good. I might do another look with normal pizza cause I love pizza (tell me which sane person doesn't like pizza). Thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day! :)


  1. Whoa seriously, very adorable candy pizzassss!!! Love them!! Hahha! some of them look like they are dancing/partying! I'm pretty sure there were gummy ones. You know, those similar with 'Yupi Burger' ?

    Haha, but I'd much prefer to taste your version of candy pizza! Looks wayyy nicer than gummy ones! :D Like some melted dark chocolate over a crispy crepe sprinkled with rice candies or maybe minty swirls! Yuummmm!! xD

    1. Thank you!!!!!! :D :D haha the partying makes sense ;) ah yes the gummy pizzas, yes I've tried them. And they're also the gummy burgers, I always ate each segment separately.
      I'm very curious to try that kind of candy pizza too!! Oh my goodness your candy pizza sounds perfect!! *drools* :)