Monday, 8 October 2012

Purple Nails: Barry M - Berry Ice Cream + Models Own - Indian Ocean

I was thinking about putting this in a combo post, but I thought a "_______ Nails" post would suit it better. I still don't really like purple nails though I'm warming up to it. But I was stuck and last week I felt like purple, I'm not sure if I felt like purple. But I saw my chemistry teacher's nails and I was pretty certain it was a Barry M pale purple (cause they're so easy to access here), but thinking about it I just wanted to paint my nails purple. My chemistry teacher isn't even my favourite teacher or anything, I just like her nails. It suited her much better but her's were chipped pretty badly (tut tut tut :P).

But of course as the purple story goes I think "Maybe it'll suit me this time". It never suit me this time. It seriously just looked wrong on my skin tone. I thought cause the Barry M one was more pink-toned than Essie - Lilacism so it would suit me, but no.

I have experimented before (on my sister) and I knew the combo of the Barry M one and Models Own - Indian Ocean worked really well. So I had to add that on.

I'll tell you the truth. I think it's SO pretty. Indian Ocean makes it more blue toned and basically it's really pretty, that's all I can say. The shimmer is very purple but it wouldn't show up for me, my natural lighting spot is pretty much gone cause it gets dark pretty early. I had to improvise but that didn't go too great. I did manage to get it to show in the different lighting but some aren't too colour accurate. It's quite pink-toned. A time where I genuinely like purple nails, it's pretty special :)

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