Monday, 15 October 2012

Combo: Beetroots

Hello there. Writing an update on my no-buy, and if I haven't written about buying nail polish, I haven't bought nail polish :D I got one from my best friend at the end of August and ok I went out shopping for my friend's birthday present and I bought her nail polish. But right now Superdrug's giving a free limited edition web effects or croc effects. I wanted the web one (cause it's limited edition) but there was none left, but I got the croc one. I was going to get black, but my mum told me she really didn't like black so I listened to her and got the burgundy one, it also looked quite interesting. I don't count this as buying nail polish cause it came free.

      (Artificial lighting picture in there to show what it looks like, I think it looks the best there)

Though you can't see it I used Rimmel - Purple Pulse as the base. There was me giving purple a chance. And I didn't like it, I'm pretty sure it's just that purple but I give it a chance and it doesn't impress me. I got that polish last year Christmas time and the first time I use as a base it is in October. It's just not a very nice purple.

And over I have the Barry M - Burgundy Croc I thought it looked interesting, but it's simply not my thing. I'm sure there's lots of people who would appreciate the effect and the colour. Just not me. It much more dark in some lighting and I really didn't like it like that. The effect is pretty interesting, it worked better for my right hand as I failed to read in instructions and did a thick coat instead of a thin one. It still worked it just took a long time to work. I saw other pictures of this that worked much better, again it's the thin coat thing. I might try it again with a different base and a thin coat. But it's likely I will give it to someone who likes the colour better.

I called it beetroots cause it looks like roots of a plant, and it's the colour of a beetroot.

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