Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Red Glam Snowflake Nails

Hey there guys, oops about the posts. It's 2 days before Christmas and we're getting our first Christmas nail art look :/ I've been busy, this is my standard thing now. I'm in charge of the Christmas ballot meaning I have to wrap nearly 50 presents and um I haven't done that yet. Also I've really taken to knitting, I've knitted 2 scarves in 4 days, I've basically binge knitted like 8 hours a day. I'm not good with balance, I've been knitting so much I haven't been playing Pokemon and trust me that's saying something . Anyway I always do snowflake nail art every year so this is what we're getting. Though I do think this is my best one yet.

So I think a red base is classy. I've also been obsessed with matte again but I'll talk about the demerits of that even though I do think matte is totally worth it. So they're just snowflakes but they're neater than ever before and ALL THE GLITTER. I think I should've done one less coat of the base glitter to let the red come through but these are minor things.
I loved wearing this look, oh yeah with matte the manicure chips a million times more easily and my index chipped clean off and I had to redo it creating the tons of bubbles cause I didn't give it enough time to dry -_- I also accidentally used a different red from the other nails, but it proves all reds are the same haha.

So after my glitter base I got my toothpick and did an uneven X then did a line through it. Add the small lines and you have snowflakes, I'm glad I did one per nail basically cause it's so much less crowded. Then I did blobs for snow then I added all the big chunky glitter for glam and glitter, you can't have enough glitter.

Red: Seventeen - Dark Heart (and M&S - Poppy for my index haha)
Gold Glitter: Seventeen - Winter Coat
White: Barry M - Cotton
Chunky Glitter: Illamasqua - Blizzard, Barry M - Hologram Hexograms and Barry M - Starlight

Thank you very much for reading and I hope you have a great time prepping for Christmas!!


  1. Hope you had a fantastic Christmas! Binge knitting sounds nice and relaxing, especially when its cold outside and nice and cozy in! Beautiful manicure, I love the snowflakes on red and the glitter peeking through it lovely!

    1. Thank you, I did!! I hope that you did too!! Hahaha we should all do it more often, I'm totally still on a knitting kick, learning from my mistakes and slowly progressing. And thanks!! I'm glad you like it, glitter peaking through is always a good thing :)