Friday, 24 July 2015

Spirited Away Nails

Hey there!! So during my exams I got obsessed with Studio Ghibli (exam time is always a good time to get obsessed with things, tends to happen a lot...) their stories are perfect, the animation is gorgeous and everything is simply perfect. So I found this manga book that my aunt gave me a couple of Christmases ago and I thought the Studio Ghibli stuff sounded interesting. I realised I had the Spirited Away DVD and that's where it began. I can't believe I went so long in my life without Studio Ghibli, Spirited Away is now one of my favourite movies. I could go on forever about how perfect that film is, like I love the positive message and the amazing characters, like can I be Chihiro? So over Easter watched a crap ton of Studio Ghibli films cause they were on everyday on Film 4 (perfect timing right? Lol'ed at revision), and maybe I'll do the films I've watched for nail art but yeah loved all the ones I've watched and I want to watch them all.
Ok so after my declaration of love for Studio Ghibli I have nail art, and some of the best I've done if I do say so myself. Please everyone get into Studio Ghibli if you're not, but I am late to the party but thank goodness I'm here now.

So I did some of the main characters of Spirited Away and I'm so proud. Chihiro is the best person I've ever painted, I'm not good at people and this gives me hope haha. Like it's not perfect but I'm very happy with it. The red background is reflective of Chihiro's red dressing gown in the bathhouse (love that location). Whilst No Face is initially terrifying you realise how sweet he is and how the world corrupted him (the throwing up guys? A younger version of me would not have been ok with that, but I like the slightly creepy element now). I also did the bird and mouse who are so cute. And Dragon Haku, Haku is a bae. I'm glad I got the fur, again not perfect but I'm happy. Dragon Haku is unbelievably cool. We all agree right? :P

I'm glad I painted Chihiro first cause she was definitely the hardest to paint, the proportions were the end of me. See it got easier from there and if I'd done it the other way round I might have lost steam. I started with the peach and brown and added the details with toothpicks. No Face was relatively simple thankfully as were the mouse and bird. Those details were small though. Dragon Haku was also really hard. had to move the nose a lot cause it got hidden by the curve of my nail, at least you can even see it here. Did rough dry strokes with the grey. Cause sayin' the white and green is great, great colours they chose for a dragon.

Red: Barry M - Turbo Charged
Peach: w7 - Linen
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black
Brown: w7 - Brownie
White: Barry M - Cotton
Pink: Per Una - Pink (no name)
Purple: The Body Shop - A Grape Affair
Yellow: Rimmel - Bee A Honey
Grey: Barry M - Chai
Pale Brown: Nails Inc - Sao Paulo Streets
Green: Barry M - Kiwi
Dark Green: OPI - Jade Is The New Black

Thank you very much for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day!! :)


  1. Ah these are just so awesome! I love Spirited away and in particular 'No face' and the soots! I think you captured the essence of this magical movie perfectly on your nails! xx

    1. Thank you so much!! It's so great, I love the soots too!! I'm so happy you think that!! :D

  2. Squeeee these are amazing! Haku looks awesome, and you totally "nailed" Chihiro. Spirited Away is my fave Ghibli movie so these are extra awesome to me!

    1. Thank you so so much!!! Awk you're so kind and I'm glad you think that!! Haha great taste, its my favourite too, even though I love all of them :)

  3. These all look so true to the movies! I love everything Studio Ghibli does as well, Totoro is so cute :)

    1. I'm glad you say that!! Yes!! I love all the Studio Ghibli love, Totoro is so cute!! :)