Saturday, 11 July 2015

Blue Nails: Nails Inc - The Tide Is High

Hello there!! I definitely have a lot of blue polish. It's my favourite colour!! So InStyle was giving free Nails Inc with the magazine and I didn't want to get the red and pink cause I have loads of them (don't say anything) but I wanted the blue. It's very pretty (yeah cause I don't have loads of colours like this...) and I think it kind of smells like chewy apple sweets, which is very nice ^_^

The Tide Is High (OBSESSED with the name, Atomic Kitten anyone? That was my childhood song) is a very pale blue with a hint of green/grey creme. See, very pretty, everyone likes colours like this.

I don't know what Nails Inc is doing. The polishes in the magazine were the original bottle but Nails Inc have got new bottles which I don't think are as nice and now they're £15!! That's too much for me, that's like just over the edge for me. Also the Victoria Beckham collaboration was expensive for generic colours, hey I'm just putting it out there. I'm just so controversial, but if you're spending that money you should get amazing unique polish that's worth the price!!

The formula was really good, very easy to apply and I think 2 coats would do. I did 3 cause that's what I do and my nails were pretty long and my coats were thin.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a nice day!! :)


  1. What a perfect blue, I love shades like this! It always makes me think of cupcakes, ha! Amazing that you got a nails inc for free, what a good offer! xx

    1. I love shades like that too!! Icing that colour would be so sweet!! I know right, only reason I'd ever but a magazine :)