Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Gimme Glitter: Topshop - Adrenalin

Hey there guys!! It's been another while, this has been a recurring theme this year. I say this all the time which I understand is annoying but I feel kind of bad disappearing for large chunks of time all the time haha. So a lot's gone down in terms of relaxing and loving life cause times have been good. I got my AS level results and I'm really happy with what I got. Now I have to sort university stuff -_- I'm just trying to relax as much as possible before everything gets real again. I do like blogging but I suppose I've stuff been doing other things, like movies and meeting up with people.
Anyway I have a glitter polish which I got cause limited edition packaging cause I'm a total sucker. It's very similar to Razzmatazz but that's one of my favourites. But Adrenalin is pink so totally worth it, and the packaging is rose gold cause of Topshop Makeup's 5th birthday, so even more worth.

Adrenalin is a clear pink base with tons of holographic glitter with some bigger holographic hexes. It's real nice but I did the wrong combo. I love me some holographic glitter, not as much as I used to, I have to say I prefer some matte glitter, it's just so colourful o.O

I've always loved Topshop nail polish, they're cremes are the most solid. As part of the 5th anniversary they released some other pretty cremes but nothing really special. I was even debating buying this one cause it's pretty similar to Razzmatazz but the packaging. As I previously mentioned I am a sucker.

I think I used 2 coats (since I've been away for a while, naturally these swatches were done a while ago), there were no formula issues at all. Very easy to apply and tons of glitter. I put this over Barry M Dragon Fruit.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a nice day!! :)


  1. Huge congratulations on your AS results! I think you totally deserve to be enjoying your life right now! You worked really hard, you owe it to yourself to chill and enjoy things that you didn't have much time for before. Where do you think you will be going to uni? Such an exciting time in your life :D I love this glitter, it looks fantastic over Dragonfruit which in my opinion is gorgeous as it is but the glitter suits it so well! win win :D Have a great weekend! <3 xx

    1. Awk thank you so much!! I'm so pleased. I'm not sure but I hope somewhere good. I guess it is while application can be stress and that. I'm glad you think so!! Love a bit of glitter haha. Same to you (but a later weekend now haha)!! :D