Sunday, 12 April 2015

Pink Nails: Body Collection - Orange Pink (no name)

Hello there guys, good to see you. I'm making my way through swatching all of my polishes and that means swatching the random brands but this polish is actually really really so it's good to try to new things!! Just generally, in life.

Orange Pink (I name these myself, really good name I know but they could've tried a bit harder ;)) is an unusual shade it's like a dark peachy pink with a strong orange tone and an almost purple shimmer. It's nice, it's a cool colour. I really have nothing else like it so I appreciate its presence in my collection.

I got this last last Christmas from a friend and I always like a bit of polish :P Body Collection is a random brand but I don't judge. Because it's random they're the kind of polishes with a weird smell but I just hold my breath.

The formula was very watery but very manageable, the colour built really well, I think I used 3 coats. The thing with the watery formula is that it dried slower and I totally smudged but it was ok cause I was painting over it.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day!! :)


  1. This colour is stunning! And it is really shiny, as if it was gel. Did you use topcoat or is this polish really that shiny alone?

    1. Glad you think so!! Actually it is, this is just the polish by itself, that's pretty sweet it's probably because the formula is more watery but that has it's advantages too!! :)