Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Drawn orange blossoms + coral gradient nails

Hey there guys, happy April Fool's Day!! Yep it's been another while, my exams are serious this time and I'm not prepared and I'm worried. Constantly there's always a million things to do, like I have to learn how to drive well and have various music exams amidst my serious exams but just going to try my best cause really what else can I do? Yeah even on my holidays I don't have time for this, but I'm spending a little bit of time to get some blog stuff sorted, I like that there's some kind of structure here unlike everything else haha.
So I have some floral nail art (ages ago, the backlog is so massive that I don't know how I'm gonna tackle it) and I really like it and I'm showing it cause I can?

I love a good floral print, I tried to make the flowers more "artsy" and had all kinds of orange blending and fading and stuff. I did the outline in brown cause I'm so wild but I really like it. I think I could've chosen a better background colour but I love a bit of glitter.

For the "gradient" I really just dabbed and used the brushes of the polishes cause it was going to be covered and laziness. I painted the basic shape of the flowers and then added the other orange polishes from lightest to darkest. I was very loose and free with the outline and dotted the centres. I was considering not doing the outline but I really like it here so I'm glad I did it.

Base: Body Collection - Orange Pink (no name)
Coral: Spa Ritual - Wilderness
Glitter: Barry M - Starlet
Peach: w7 - Linen
Brown: w7 - Brownie
Orange (lightest to darkest): Chilli Pepper - Orange (no name), Models Own - Beach Party and Essie - Fear Or Desire

Thank you very much for reading and I hope you have a great day!! :)