Saturday, 19 April 2014

Gimme Glitter: Nails Inc - Old Street

Hello friends!! I have been enjoying all the Gimme Glitter posts I've been doing cause it means I get to wear and write about a lot of glitter. This polish was on my wishlist and I managed to persuade myself to take it off. This is the final polish I'm showing from the Best Dressed Nails set (the other one is not for me) that convinced me to buy this set. Old Street, it has my favourite colour combination of glitter, red, yellow, green and blue, can't go wrong right?

Oh but it can go wrong. Yes it looks fine in the photos (or maybe not, it's all personal preference), but I just wish the colours were brighter and less.. I don't know, metallic and dull. You know what I mean, when shiny glitter doesn't look that nice cause of the kind of "black" colour it reflects. Do you understand? Well basically I don't think Old Street looks very nice. Some shiny glitter is nice, this isn't.
It's a metallic red, gold, green and blue glitter topper with hexes, bars and small red and blue glitter. There was so much potential for awesome, but it falls flat for me. Makes me wish that this glitter was matte, then I'd love it.

Part of Nails Inc's Graffiti line, some nice polishes there but nothing spectacular. It makes me glad I convinced myself I didn't need this, and didn't spend the money on the full bottle. It makes me realise how important it is for me to persuade myself there are certain polishes I don't need (emphasis on certain). Also why Old Street? Sometimes the Nails Inc names confuse me, I know they're streets in London but why not make them fit better?

I decided to jelly sandwich and matte this so I'd have an idea about what it'd look like matte (also I didn't want to see the not pretty shiny glitter). I failed jelly sandwich 101 by using too much jelly (No.7 Snowflake), it's all about thin jelly coats -_- Anyway I learnt my lesson (except half of ring finger) and I still wasn't in love, but it was an improvement.
There was a lot of glitter in each coat (depending on how you loaded the brush but it wasn't difficult), I used 2 for an adequate amount of glitter that spread easily. But the issue I had was the bars sticking up and I couldn't even use topcoat or nail clippers to remedy that. I kind of hurt myself with the sharp bar glitter, did not appreciate :P

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!! :)


  1. I feel just the same about blingy glitters now, I much prefer matte ones these days. I like how it looks with No7 Snowflake on top though - I've used that one for toning down glitters that are too bright too!

    1. Yeah I knew I wasn't the only one! I used to love shiny glitter but like you I've realised matte is much superior :) Haha Snowflake is a good jelly, I quite like it that way too!! :)

  2. .__. so... am I the only one here who actually liked this mix shiny?? I'm actually loving these mixes of hex and bars. The bars aren't too thin, just the right size. hahahaha! I think it's a unique mix. I liked the intensity of the glitter colours showing through. However, that's not to say I don't appreciate them matte either. Hahaha!! Looks great both ways, to me.. at least. :P

    Ah, but its really too bad the bars were really pokie. Wish the bars would have behaved better :/ Have you tried Seche Vite btw? I usually use that to feed really hungry glitters.

    1. Haha of course you're not!! I know there are probably lots of people who like this (you included), I did too but a girl changes!! :P I get what you're saying, and it definitely is a unique mix, I'm still loving the red/yellow/green/blue combo and I did prefer it matte. Also I just like opportunities for jelly sandwiches :)
      Yeah that would've been great, scratching my face was not happening -_- I haven't, I always mean to but it's not readily available to me :( I used Deborah Lippmann Addicted to Speed which is rather thick, I think this bar glitter was just misbehaving :/ :)