Saturday 9 January 2016

Reindeer Fair Isle Nails

Hiya!! This is um a leftover Christmas design, but I still think it's winter appropriate so we're still all good. Fair Isle designs are so nice, I have a jumper with a fair isle design. Hey it's more nail art!! What this blog is about!!

So you can definitely see a Christmas colour scheme, well you can't have enough Christmas. The main shapes of this design are just dots and asterisks and hearts. So it was really easy to paint but still looks pretty complex. The reindeer were definitely the best part of this design, but yeah overall I really like this design, repeating patterns is fun.
Oh yeah and matteing everything, but I had issues with my matte topcoat. Don't know why but it leaves white chunks on my nail art which is pretty terrible when you've spent ages on a design. Thankfully I was able to remove a lot of them but it really jeopardises a design cause the white bits get stuck in the topcoat then everything can get wrecked. You have to tread carefully.

Again this one was very simple, got my peach base then I got my toothpicks and painted the various designs. I worked from top to bottom (cause that makes sense) and did dots and all the other stuff. i'm so good at describing.

Base: M&S - Sun Glow
Green: Barry M - Kiwi
Red: Seventeen - Dark Heart (or something like it, all reds are the same)
Light Green: Illamasqua - Nomad
Blue: The Face Shop - GR501
Light Red: OPI - Jinx

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!! :)

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