Tuesday 12 January 2016

Pink Nails: Orly - Miss Conduct

Hey there guys, this polish is actually very very special. I've wanted this polish since 2012 no joke, The Polishaholic triggered it when she showed it in the Orly holiday collection and I knew I needed it. But the thing is Orly's never been a brand that's been easy to access here and I'm not a fan of ordering mainstream polishes online (seems a waste) so when I found Orly in TK Maxx a couple of years ago I've been holding out that maybe, just maybe I would find Miss Conduct. Well I think this post has confirmed that the quest is over ;) I actually found 3 bottles which was a bit overkill, and I wanted to get them all but restraint haha.
Now the polishes for my favourite polishes of last year are complete, so that'll be coming up in due course, I love seeing everyone else's favourite polishes around this time of the year, more things to get :P

The subtle holographic shimmer in Miss Conduct warms my heart. Miss Conduct is a raspberry subtle holographic polish and it's beautiful. I should just buy a proper holographic polish to bite the bullet but this is definitely satisfying, I think the subtly actually makes it more compelling.

I've loved Orly for a long time but it's seriously annoying that they're still not sold in major shops here. They used to do minis in Boots but not any more and the selection was poor. Now I have to rummage through TK Maxx and see what random selection I'll get. Not that that's a bad thing, I love TK Maxx surprises. And TK Maxx in general.
I don't know why I love Orly, I just think their colours are more fun (their neons tho) and I like the bottles (lol) and their nice colours are pure beaut. Miss Conduct is a really cute name too.

The formula was so good, it was opaque in 1 coat and I just did 2 for banter. It was so so easy to apply and was perfect.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a really nice day!! :)

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