Saturday, 23 May 2015

Wild ikat hearts + diamonds nail art

Hi there guys!! I have a nail art look today and it's ok, I wasn't in love with it when I did it and generally it was alright. Went a bit overboard with the lines but at least I tried something new and learnt from it.

Did an accent thing with the green and the pink, the bases by themselves looked a bit off cause one's a pastel and the other's a neon. Didn't get that much better from there haha, no I didn't hate this look but I struggle to say I liked it.
Got some contrast with the hearts and diamonds (like cards!! Diamonds are my favourite suit) and it still wasn't looking right so I added more colours to the base. Still wasn't working so I added the billions of black lines which helped in a sense but we were too far gone by that point haha.

I used the brush of the polish for the general shapes of the hearts and the diamonds then toothpicked all the other colours and the black pen. It was all pretty freeform and it didn't work for this design. A bit too messy for my liking.

Green base: Etude House - No. 86
Pink base: Etude House - No. 60
Extra green: Barry M - Kiwi and Illamasqua - Melange
Extra pink (though can't really remember...): Barry M - Boots LE 2012 B, OPI - Japanese Rose Garden and Color Club - Wing Fling
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black
Purple: Essie - Lilacism
Dark purple: OPI - Plum & Get It and Barry M - Fashion Icon (glitter couldn't even save it :/)
Blue: Barry M - Malibu
White: Barry M - Matt White

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a really nice day!! :)

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