Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Yellow Nails: M&S - Maize

Hi there!! It's swatch day and yellow polish, not my favourite colour but sometimes it's fun. This is my second last Marks and Spencers polish so we are working our way through. Not that I know if I'll finish swatching my collection anytime soon cause my life goes everywhere really haha.

Maize is an orange toned yellow with a subtle yellow shimmer and it's nice but you know not my thing. It also really doesn't suit me and I had to paint something over it cause that yellow and my skin tone were not working together.

You know M&S does nail polish? I do go up and check but their colours aren't blowing my mind so I'm leaving them be cause I have so much self-control (this is sarcasm cause I got new polish and the colours aren't exactly the most inspired haha) but I think it's very solid. I always like looking at nail polish no matter what kind, and when I don't have time.

Maize is definitely a layering polish, I used 4-5 coats for this swatch. It built decently and it wasn't thick at the end but you know yellow polishes generally tend to be more sheer. This is why I got bubbles though cause I wanted to the build it fast, the formula was good, it went on easily and there wasn't any streakiness or anything.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!! :)


  1. Not my favorite either but a nice base for nail art ^^

    1. I think yellow is a difficult colour, but again that's true it is a nice base for previous looks I have done!! :)