Saturday, 21 February 2015

Blue Nails: Barry M - Malibu

Hello nail polish lovers!! This is a new purchase, my friend's dad wanted to go to the shops after school and I went to Boots with my friend and when I go to Boots nail polish tends to be bought. It was on offer? I was debating for ages about which polish to get but I thought I'd give the matte polishes a whirl. They didn't really get my attention from swatches but remember, this is Barry.

Is this not the most gorgeous shade of blue you've ever seen? Seriously it's so eye-catching and striking, and loads of people were saying what a nice colour Malibu is.
I'd say Malibu is a satin matte cerulean blue polish, it's not fully matte as you can see. Matte polishes tend to show imperfections but it really doesn't bother me at all when the blue is this fabulous and the imperfections aren't obvious.

I think the name Malibu is so cute too. I suppose when I saw swatches last September, I thought the finish was off (maybe it was just those swatches) and the colours weren't all that special but I never seem to learn to never underestimate Barry. Though I do love these extremely pleasant surprises, so yes I now need the rest of the collection like I say with every Barry M collection.

The formula is incredible, again I shouldn't expect anything less of Barry but sometimes I don't know what to expect. You could seriously do 1 coat cause it's SO opaque. I used 2 cause strangely I had long nails but it's actually so opaque (need to emphasise this) and goes on so smoothy and easily. Perfect formula, I love when polish is like this.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day!! :)


  1. LOVE this, I love how "plastic" it feels, in the best way ever :P

    1. Isn't it fab?? I think I get what you mean and it is pretty great :)