Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Purple Nails: Barry M - Fashion Icon

Hey guys!! I hope you're having a great December, I so am. I've managed to manage my crazy (debatable) life and I'm loving it. I'm doing a Secret Santa with my maths pals (you guys now have an idea of how cool I am) and we're giving our presents really soon and I am so excited. Oh course I had to get maths related gifts and it's so perfect and I can't wait!!
Ok guys you know I love my glitter but this is something special, from promos I didn't think much of these polishes but now I need them all, this is what I get for "doubting" Barry, the best surprise. Not saying I should doubt him again, Barry always does an amazing job.

Had to use mah phone to try and get an accurate picture, it worked though
I couldn't capture the amazingness but could not stop staring at my nails for how sparkly and amazing they were. It's so sparkly. The amount of compliments on this polish too was insane, everyone was in awe of the gorgeous colour and how sparkly it is.
Fashion is a royal purple (is this a real colour?) glitter with a stunning blue/pink duochrome effect with holographic glitter. When was this not going to be a recipe for success? That shimmer is also incredible, I think I actually managed to capture the shift. Except the pictures are too blue, my friends described the purple as "Cadbury purple". I think that's accurate.

This is part of the Glitterati collection (does this not sound right up my alley?) for this Winter, again it didn't really interest me. I suppose I thought it'd be like some of the other Barry M glitters, not like I didn't like them but they were nothing to write home about. Also I thought the other glitter was iridescent and not holographic, can't be having iridescent glitter ya'know.
But not these are the most stunning glitter polishes, this is how a glitter polish should be done. It's actually so perf. The name isn't perf but for the polish I can deal. I can deal well.

As if this polish couldn't get better, it just does. I wasn't sure if this would be opaque by itself but I had to try. But still be wary. I decided to do one nail with just the polish and then layer for the other nails. After 1 coat I thought I'd made a good decision, but after 2 coats the polish was completely opaque. The base polish was totally unnecessary (it was OPI Plum & Get It by the way), and can't even be seen. This is truly how a glitter polish should be done.
The formula is a bit weird, it's quite gloopy and you have to move it around, but it's actually not troublesome at all despite the weird formula. Such a good polish guys.

Thank you very much for reading and I hope you have a great day!! :)

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