Sunday, 21 December 2014

Fading blue snowflakes + sparkly purple nails

Hello there guys!! I hope you're having a great day, school is over now. Oh man it's about time, though we weren't doing much in class the last week. I appreciate it. I went carolling on Thursday and that was really fun, I even busted out the Santa hat and trust me I looked stupid haha but a girl doesn't care :P I have to do snowflakes every year and I like these ones but I want to do an amazing snowflake design that I'm crazy about so maybe you'll be seeing some more snowflakes :)

So there are snowflakes of various shades of blue over purple, there's not much to be said apart from that. I think I painted the snowflakes too chunky, they need to be more delicate, it's something to work on. I think the fade was pretty solid haha.

I got my toothpicks and got to werk, I always paint an off X shape then paint the final line through the middle and add 2 small lines on either side if I could. I tried to space the snowflakes out without leaving too much of a gap between each one. Oh yeah I also dabbed some more glitter cause I didn't want to do a full on gradient though in hindsight I should've gradients are brill.

Base: Barry M - Fashion Icon
Glitter: Barry M - Ruby
Light blue: The Face Shop - BL601
Blue: Revlon - Dreamer
Dark blue: H&M - Blue My Mind

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a nice day!! :)

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